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cap, captain miss america

So, apart from being happy Juliet was back, my general feeling about that was did they really have so few original ideas for how to end the show that thy had to go back and mine first season fanfic and fan predictions for an ending? Really?

I am sort of glad the last few episodes were that horrendous because now I am not going to miss it. Even if the island falling apart made me expect The Childlike Empress to show up.

Also, why did Eloise Hawking care what they did if it was all in their afterdeath imaginations anyway?


Also also also, I did like the Target ad with Smokey.
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I was super happy to see Bernard and Rose and Vincent.

And that may have been the highlight for me.

Oh, and that Lapidus was there. And the expression on Ben's face when Hurley asked for his help.

I like how Lapidus is basically Sully. Especially sine the character existed pre-Sully.

Also, I liked the Target ad with Smokey in it?

And yeah, Vincent was cool! And I kind of just want to see the spinoff Ben and Hurley show. It will be called, "Cool, dude."

it needs to be a buddy comedy. I would so watch that show.

that was the most ridiculous shit i've ever seen. what's really sad is that i was totally on board with the whole "Oh okay, they sunk the island and now everyone gets to live in an alternative reality but they still remember the island and live happily ever after" scenario.

and then the last 15 minutes negated THE ENTIRE FUCKING SHOW.

I want to eat every burrito on earth then take a shit in Carlton Cuse's front yard.


Yeah, I could have dealt with the alternate reality scenario, especially since that means Juliet really did save everyone. But in this version Juliet didn't save everyone, just Jack's daddy AKA nondenominational Jesus did :-(

but everyone was dead... so like... who was saved? and what the hell does it matter that those six people - only three of which were original cast members that i actually give a shit about - got off the island? and why do i care that desmond lived? and why do i care that hurley is the new jacob? why does the island need a jacob without a smoke monster? what the holy flying fuck? Shouldn't jack be the new smoke monster? isn't that how the man in black became the smoke monster? what the fuck?

They were saved in the Jesus sense, like Capital-S Saved, not saved in the Juliet fucking kicked ass and rebooted their universe saved. And they were all saved! Because they were so important to each other because love and shit blah blah didn't you listen to Christian Shepherd? I know I did since he is such an important character on the show and needed to have that much screentime dedicated to him giving out blatant exposition in the last ten minutes of the entire series. That was exactly what I was hoping for in a last episode, you know.

i just thought like, they destroy the smoke monster and the island, and the whole thing makes sense. they all died in the wrong reality. how did the writer's screw this up so badly? this is insane. i can't believe it. Like, if they're all dead, why bother having the plane take off? why bother having hugo and ben and desmond on the island? it makes literally no sense at all.

Oh, they're not dead at that very moment. Some people died later and we did not get to see what happened to them. That was why they spent TEN WHOLE FUCKING MINUTES with Christian Shepherd explaining things, but it still apparently made no sense to 90% of the people who watched it, and the other 10% just thought it was bad writing.

um. thought?

no no. i KNOW that is bad writing. deus ex machina at its worst. that was terrible.

Also.. wtf no walt!?!

They don't have puberty in heaven.

He's somewhere hooking up with Susan Pevensie.


I had to stop watching at season 3 due to a regular commitment and no record facility and never really got back into it. I'm not really sure that I want to from the odd bits I've seen/heard, which is why I decided to click on a post marked "spoilers."

So basically everyone's dead and it was all a dream sort of thing?

No, it all really happened but everything that happened this season was a collective subconscious construct in the afterlife.

It had ups and downs. I would say last season it was really good again. This season, there have been a few good episodes but it's been mostly mediocre.

That seems to match what I've heard others say - that this season has been really disappointing. Thing is, I'd heard that it was like Babylon 5, where they'd mapped out the whole thing right from the start. If that was the case, then I'd expect a real WOW factor which really doesn't seem the case, especially if it feels like they ran out of steam.

And afterlife constructs? Oh puh-lease.

No, actually, I really believe they had planned this ending from the beginning. But I think they planned this ending when they were like, hey, we're writing a science fiction show for a major network, this is going to last like a season and a half. It smacks of insisting on keeping an ending that the show had outgrown, and become too rich and complex for that ending to accommodate, but they'd gotten attached to it and didn't want to rewrite.

I can understand that to a point. If you have come up with an overall plan that you liked that in your head explained everything you were planning to explore, you may well have problems thinking outside that. I know that they said that they were never going to do more than the number of seasons that they did, so they always had a cap on how twisty turny they were going to get.

Nevertheless, from the comments I've read elsewhere, it seems like they didn't answer a lot of the questions people really want answered. Now I don't mind a few loose ends or being left to think for myself to work out details but some of the fundamentals seem to have been neglected and that's a big oversight. Of course, not having seen the past three seasons, I could be wrong, but that's what people seem to be most upset about.

Yeah, they capped the show after season 3, which I do think was a smart move, it made it a lot more directed and I feel improved the show over all.

I have heard that a lot of people are annoyed about a lack of answers, and I actually thought that that wasn't a problem at all. If anything, I felt like they answered too much-- I would have liked it better left with dangling questions I could hypothesize over than have everything neatly tied up with a bow. Especially since from a critical perspective, I can see some continuity flaws in how they presented it that made it unbelievable to me.

And now I'm wondering why the hell Sayid ends up with Shannon in heaven, instead of the woman he was in love with for years? Like "Hey, I hooked up with you for a few weeks and you are more important to me than the love of my life!" It made sense for a parallel world where memories were bleeding through... but in terms of a construct of an afterlife... bzuh?

Yeah, I was thinking about that when it happened in the show. Really, the only way I can accept that afterlife is that it isn't actually a collective construct, it's just Jack's construct of life as he remembers it. Because considering the ending, you would think that if Claire and Kate get away and raise Aaron together, that would be more important to them than the island-- heck, Aaron is more important to Kate than Jack is. And Jin and Sun should have their kid with them. I think Ben's is the only response that makes sense because Alex is more important to him than the freaking random people from the island. He wouldn't want to be somewhere with no Alex.

Yeah, everything about the church seemed to be Jack's personal journey - he even gets his father to hug and cry manly father son tears with, while everyone else is sitting around patiently waiting to help him move on. I'd prefer to believe this is Jack's dying vision rather than that all those poor characters were trapped in an afterlife that was still All About Jack. Because no one deserves that.

And Ben is like, "fuck it, why do I want to help Jack with his personal journey?"

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