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A couple points of interest:
cap, captain miss america
1) I know a bunch of my friends have or have recently started personal "official" blogs that aren't on community blog sites like LJ/Dreamwidth. Do you want me to link you on my personal blog? Do you have a friend I should be linking to? Let me know!

2) I recently turned my Netflix account back on after five years. Recommend movies that I must see.

3) I love you all!

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If you haven't seen it, I watched Flame and Citron this weekend and it was stunning.

I actually added that to my queue a little bit ago! Yay!


There!. I fixed it. Now you are linked from my site! I can't believe I forgot to do that. I think because your updates pop up on facebook I wasn't thinking about it. All better now.

Edited at 2010-05-25 03:17 am (UTC)

What type of movies do you prefer? Which genre? For instance, I liked "Star Trek," "Seven Pounds" and "The Counterfieters" but you may or may not, depending on what type of movies you prefer:)

I saw and liked all of those, in the following order: The Counterfeiters, Star Trek, Seven Pounds. Seven Pounds was one that I do have some critical complaints about but I still enjoyed. The Counterfeiters was one of the best movies that came out the year it came out and I loved it.

I kind of like everything. Seriously.

One of my best friend's were over for a LOST party we had the other night and she said I needed to see Revolutionary Road. I haven't seen it yet, but she said it changed her. Since that's my relationship with Vonnegut-- that he changed me-- I had to do the smart thing and ... ahem, obtain a legal copy of said film.

For my money though... Girl on a Bridge. It's always one of the first movies I recommend.

I didn't like Revolutionary Road at all. I felt like it was the kind of movie that might have been important if it had been made int the 1970s. I don't want to spoil it for you though!

Given your opinions on Shutter Island and Seven Pounds I suspect we have wildly different tastes in movies, but a few that I'll throw at you anyway are Stomp the Yard (I watched it while in labour with no.4 and just love the message behind it), Notes on a Scandal (the only time I've ever enjoyed Cate Blanchett), Hot Fuzz (if you like Simon Pegg style humour, this is probably the best of them) and Walk Hard, which is really funny if you've seen all the music documentary films it's based on (Ray and Walk the Line in particular) but still funny even if you don't get the references.

As you probably know, I'm a major horror movie fan, so there are a lot of film reviews in my LJ you can take your pick from. But lifting from my recent post about three movies to introduce you to the genre, Rec 1+2 (NOT the American remake which isn't a patch on the original), Let the Right One In and Dead Snow are a really broad spectrum and all fantastic films in their own right. However, since not everyone is as much into blood and guts as I am, I'm loathe to list any more that I consider must see unless you're interested because the genre just may not be your thing.

Well, just to be clear, Seven Pounds was one that would rate about a 2-2 1/2 stars in my rating rubric, but I didn't dislike it overall. I love Hot Fuzz, and I love Let the Right One In. I haven't seen Rec 1&2 either. I do really love gory movies as long as they're gory and intelligent and not just gory for the sake of being gory (for example, I liked The Descent but hated The Ruins) and I have a soft spot for Dario Argento. I am going to put the ones your recced that I haven't seen on my list!

ok sonu12 Expand
You've probably seen everything I could think of. But I'll just give props to my favorite "Withnail & I" anyway.

"rec" is mainly SCARY. About the same gore as "The Descent", I think.

Which I haven't seen, so I will add it to the list.

We use Netflix more for TV than movies these days! We're watching Dead Like Me now, and I've been slowly working my way through Buffy. If you have instant streaming, there is a ton of great stuff on there now!

Actually, Netflix is how I watched all of Buffy back in 2004-2005! I put Dead Like Me on my list and I have Deadwood coming in the mail!

Having just rewatched my much-pimped "Ink" last night, I pimp it again.

Also Paprika, if'n you're a fan of the anime.

Oh, right, Ink! And yes, I wanted to see Paprika!

The last month has been all about film noir for me, so I have no idea what to rec!

Also, my other blog is in swedish, so... it would probably not be very useful to link *grins*.

Recommend some noir to me! I might have already seen it but maybe I haven't!

I really liked Defendor. Kind of reminds me of I Am Sam, but with Sam thinking he's a super hero.

Added! That makes me think you would like Son of Rambow if you haven't seen it!

Inglorious Basterds was the biggest steaming pile that I've hated in a long time. Please, don't waste your time renting it. If you like WWII movies there are many better to watch. Ones that are real. I do recommend Ninja Assassin. In fact, I want the lead guy, naked in chains...even if he is all bloody. I need to get out more. Sherlock Holmes was awesome. I can't get to movie theaters so I see movies on DVD.

The Rob Zombie recommendations I agree with. I loved House of 1,000 Corpses et al and was one of the few who utterly hated the second Halloween. Halloween 1 = <3 number 2 = hate I understood the symbology, but in the words of the South Park guys, I watch movies to be entertained, I was not entertained. Rob shouldn't expect his fans to think...lol. While many of us are intelligent, that isn't what we're hanging around him for ;)

Haha, I loved Inglourious Basterds, and I won't even consider watching Ninja Assassin because I found the trailers offensively racist and I don't like to give my money to productions that bank on exoticized stereotypes of non-Western cultures.

I did love Sherlock Holmes, though. The RDJ version, I haven't watched the one with the dinosaurs yet. I haven't seen the second Halloween, so I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

I don't watch movies to be entertained, though. I watch movies to make me think about literary tropes and cultural resonance.

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