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Tea has a case of The Flakey
cap, captain miss america

So, today, I took a bag of trash down on my way to work. Nothing ooky, just some paper trash. I dropped it in an empty trashcan outside my apartment, and started on my merry way. About a half a block down the street, I realized, “Hey. Didn’t I have my keys in my hand?”

I figured I had put them in my purse, and kept walking.

A few steps later, I thought to myself, “Hey. Wouldn’t it be funny if I threw my keys out?”

Except it totally wouldn’t, and now the seed was planted.

I stopped walking, and looked through my purse. “Cut it out, Tea,” I thought. “They must be in there, you’re just being silly. You’re sometimes absentminded, but throw your keys out? Really?”

So I walked a few more steps. I couldn’t shake this anxiety. So I checked my purse again.

No keys.

I walked back to my apartment. “Tea,” I thought to myself. “Look, you put the trash in an empty, clean can, and it wasn’t icky trash. What’s the worst that happens, you pick up the trash back and you keys aren’t there? Look, there’s your super–”

The train of thought stopped long enough to wave to the super.

“And if they’re not in the trash, you can ask him to open the door because you probably just left them in your apartment without thinking.”

I took the lid off the trashcan. Whew. No one had put anything gross in there.

I picked up the bag. There, at the bottom of the freshly-replaced trash bag, were my keys.

I can’t help thinking this same scenario could have been a lot more traumatic.

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I would consider the lack of small trash a victory in the very least! I am really bad at keeping track of my keys. They have, more than once, ended up in the refrigerator.

I am horrible at it. I even put a hook near my door to hang them on, but alas, they never end up on it.

Eep! That could have been a very bad day!

It could have! It could have also involved a lot more dog poo!

I'm SO Glad you found them!

The worst I ever did was I locked myself out of my house, with my only 2 kids at the time inside, age 3 and 6 mos. It took my husband nearly an hour to get home.

So don't feel bad. I've done much worse. Just remember ALL the days you DON'T misplace them:) In the law of averages, you do well!

Oh crap! That would have been terrifying.

I locked myself out the day after the 2008 presidential election-- I think I lost my keys celebrating that night. So sad.

I did that once, but with my phone. Luckily it wasn't a cell phone. Just a standard cordless. Except mine went out with the trash and I never saw it again. Go me!

Tea has a case of The Flakey

Why is it that this entry surprises me not? But I still love you in all of your flakey. <3

Re: Tea has a case of The Flakey

And I love you <3 But yeah. Oh, Tea's brain. When will you ever learn?

I am glad you listened to that little voice!!

I'd be completely embarrassed to admit how many times I've done something similar.

I will say... yes, it could've been a lot more traumatic.

Oh, man. Yes.
Can you imagine? "Really, universe? Two minutes I was gone, and somehow poo appeared?"

Today I am just thanking the universe for no dog poo!

It was a great reward that the universe bestowed on you.
Because you KNOW the universe thought about doing it, just for a brief second. Then the universe had a good chuckle, then was like "No, no, but I kid. We have fun."

Aw, universe. You know I love you.

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