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Beetle Bailey is Turning 60!
cap, captain miss america

I completely forgot to post about this on my personal site!

Beetle Bailey is going to be 60 years old on September 4 of this year! Because of this, Beetle’s Website got a nice little facelift, courtesy yours truly.

There is also a contest running on the site where you can win an original Beetle Bailey strip, and a poll where you can pick the Beetle strips that will run in the two weeks while Mort Walker is on vacation. You should all go check it out!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Heeeee's the military hero of the nation,
but he doesn't always follow regulations!
At the call of reveille, he is here for you to see,
blah blah private by the name of Beetle Baileeeeey,

No, I didn't watch cartoons much as a kid. heh

Hahaha omg I didn't even know there was a Beetle Bailey song!

That's dredged up from about 30 years ago. On the other hand, I could close my eyes and not be able to tell you what I'm wearing today. The mind is a terrible thing.

You would if you dressed like Beetle Bailey! Obviously the world is trying to tell you something!

That is so cool! Can you get me Sarge's autograph? ;-)

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