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Week in Review

So, [info]shaenon and [info]andrewfarago left today, bringing an end to my Extended Week of Reubens Fun. On Monday after the Reubens, we saw [info]goraina and [info]yaytime and had dinner and looked at all their purty art in their labyrinthine apartment, and they shared with us leftover birthday treats!

Then on Tuesday, Shaenon and Andrew came to King Features and we went out with Brendan, and then they were bestowed with many King-Featuriffic Gifts. On Wednesday, we went out to the Carnegie Deli with their friend Jessica. On Thursday, we just got sushi and hung out, and Shaenon retired undefeated from Wii Boxing:

Boxin' Shaenon Boxin' Shaenon

When questioned about her meteoric rise to Wii Boxing supremacy, Shaenon answered, “I have a lot of rage.” She then returned to pummeling her virtual opponents.

On Friday, Shaenon and Andrew left to go to Vassar! I had a quiet evening at home but I also decided, after playing Wii games for the first time in a while, that I really needed to make a more conscious effort to get in shape. I’ll tell you more about that in a different post.

Saturday was a quiet day where I ran some errands and worked valiantly on this week’s comic for thirteen straight hours. On Sunday, though, I rested! Well, technically, on Sunday, I went to lunch with [info]intrepia and her boyfriend, Lawrence, and we chatted about comics and poetry and LJ and all kinds of things. They were totally awesome and I am super excited that they only live a few blocks away. Hooray new pals!

Me & Connie!

Me & Connie!

Then Shaenon and Andrew came back, and we went downtown, stopped in at Forbidden Planet for comics, and then went to Lombardi’s for pizza and Rice to Riches for rice pudding. They are seriously the best houseguests ever and I will miss them! They even left me an awesome card that was waiting for me when I got home at lunch.

Tonight, I went out to Long Island to watch my mom get recommended for tenure as principal of her school. Everyone there was so nice and so kind and had such wonderful things to say about her. It was really touching. I am so proud of my mommy! She is amazing.

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