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Fitness Update: Week 2
cap, captain miss america

So I continued doing my ten minute of exercise last week, and on Friday, I actually got a check for some freelance work I did, so I went out and bought myself a Wii Fit and an extra game for it. (This game, which boasts the “first game ever to be played with your butt”).

I haven’t played the Ravin’Rabbids game (I have the first one and enjoy it immensely, but I have been enjoying the Wii Fit, although that thing is seriously all about the insults. Man! And it makes this sound when you step on it like you’re hurting it or something. But the games are fun and extremely challenging.

I don’t think that one full week of exercising produces many visible results, but I wasn’t expecting it to. But by the end of the week, many of the exercises I tried to do the first day that were too difficult, and that I was certain would be impossible forever, were much easier by the end of the week. Some of them were still really difficult, and make me feel like a weakling, because they were beginner exercises and I couldn’t for the life of me even do them the “modified” way that was supposed to be easier. I still can’t do all of them, and some of them I can only do the modified way, but ten minutes feels like a short time and not an unending amount of time now. So I think I am improving.

Here are this past Friday’s photos for comparison to last week’s– as I said before, not much discernable difference. But I’m waiting till there are a bunch of them and in a few months it will look awesome!

Tea Gets Fit Week 2 Front Tea Gets Fit Week 2 Side

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Thing is, if you've ever had any kind of decent fitness level, it really doesn't take that long to get it back and then you really get into the swing of it and it becomes quite addictive. And since you're finding fun ways that you enjoy to exercise, it's a lot easier to keep it up.

Yay you!

My fitness level has always been really, really minimal. The last time I had any kind of regular exercise outside of my daily walk to and from work, I was in high school, so we're talking fifteen years ago. And then I would get out of it any way I could!

So this is all really new to me and I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. The Wii Fit games definitely help-- they're video games! With points! And just like any video game, I want to keep playing, even if I am breaking a sweat.

Just don't go more than a day or two without playing, because Wii Fit will lay a guilt trip on you like no other! My favorite Wii Fit activity is the ten-minute super hula hoop (which took me a long way to work up to from the one-minute). I just put on some music and it's almost like dancing! Some of the strength exercises are wicked hard for me. I've been trying to make myself do things like the jackknife and the bridge because they're things I remember not being able to do in gym class, and that made me really embarrassed. And I can do them better now!

Hahaha, I know it gets totally passive aggressive, but it's a machine, so it's not like it can actually mean it.

I did the free run, and I am working my way through the yoga poses. I've been doing five a day. Once I get done in a day or two, I'll move on to the strength ones, which I think will be my downfall as well!

I'm super proud of you for doing this! Even in high school, when I was kind of thin, I wasn't fit. (In Phys. Ed., we had to lift weights and max out. One girl maxed out at the bar plus ten pounds. I maxed out at the bar. :|)

Anyway, go you!

Aww, thanks! I was never fit, either. We didn't do weights, but everything else, ugh. The only thing I was good at in gym was badminton.

(Deleted comment)
Eeee yay, I will be excited to have a buddy.

And no, I have a nice camera which I am setting on a ten-second timer and then running away from.

(Deleted comment)
I think that that would be an interesting debate, but it would also require a look into learning styles/interest levels and stuff independent of the exercise. For me, I really like having visual feedback, and the Wii gives me that in a way that not even training at a gym does-- and gives it in the privacy of my own home where I don't have to feel self-conscious about people looking at me in exercise clothes or judging my ineptitude. There are two things that are really keeping me going on the exercise thing: the fact that I'm forcing myself to post pictures, and therefore am invested in trying to get the pictures to look better, and the fact that I have immediate feedback.

Digital camera timers usually have a button or are otherwise marked with symbols that look like upside-down Qs? Like, a circle with a single radial line?

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