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LJ Idol Week 30 in Review

This week, there are 15 people left in therealljidol. Last week, sadly, my good friend alephz got eliminated, which was very sad. But there are still 15 phenomenal writers and I encourage you to check out every one of them.

Here are the stories on the docket for this week. We had the option between the excellent topics "Plan B" and "Return to Oz."

agirlnamedlune wrote a piece about her relationship with her father, and losing the sense of home that a young child has. It's poignant and heartfelt. Read it here.

alexpgp wrote one of my favorite entries all season, a perfect blend of Lovecraftian horror with Hitchcockian suspense, and a touch of metafiction to boot. Read it here.

beautyofgrey wrote an eerie story of a family living on the prairie and an obsession with The Wizard of Oz that goes much too far. Shades of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, if you ask me. Read it here.

cacophonesque wrote about her experience white water rafting as a teen and a very close call. Her voice here is matter-of-fact and light, and as I said to Destiny before, it says a lot when one of my best friends can write something every week that teaches me something new about her. Read it here.

fourzoas wrote about her feeling of detachment from her job and the students she teaches. She writes about it in a bittersweet and introspective way that really makes you feel as if she's letting us into her head. Read it here.

gratefuladdict wrote about a truncated affair, punctuated by conversations about punctuation. Specifically, that of ee cummings. She mixes a sense of humor and a sense of pathos really deftly. Read it here.

intrepia wrote about the definition of home, about leaving home and finding home, and what makes something into a person's home. She weaves together short vignettes describing her perception of home at different points in her life, and how her definition of home has grown and changed. Read it here.

java_fiend wrote a story about a young man's thirst to prove himself beyond his father's low expectations that takes a somewhat creepy and unexpected turn. Read it here.

mstrobel wrote a really beautiful fable about a young woman learning to find meaning in her life by writing down her stories. It's a very bittersweet piece of self-reflection and referential fiction. Read it here.

notbatman wrote a humorous little anecdote about late library books and a teenage plot to get around paying the fine. It made me chuckle. Read it here.

rattsu wrote a heavily scientific exegesis on the existence of prions and nanobacteria. It's really fascinating and informative. With pictures!

strryeyedgrrl wrote about the possibilities of life, about whether life is better planned or unplanned, through the lens of a day at the grocery store with her daughter. It's sweet and really made me feel like I was right there with her. Read it here.

talon wrote an eerie continuation of a previous post about an invasion that raises some questions about real-life social issues. Read it here.

theafaye wrote a very punny story of a moment in the life of a fangirl, that is deliciously silly and entertaining. Read it here.

And I wrote a story about L Frank Baum, the author of the Oz books and many others. You can read that here.

The field is very tight again this week, so it would be awesome if you could take a moment to vote for me in the poll below. cacophonesque could definitely use some votes as well, as she's close to the bottom once again, and I thought her entry was better than that this week! But also take the time to read the entries if you can! They are really great. You can vote until 9PM Eastern Time on Thursday.

Also, it bears mentioning that if you do read the posts, take the time to leave a comment! The number of readers/voters this year is much smaller than it's been in previous years-- it's only about a quarter of the size-- so people will really appreciate a kind word about their entry.

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