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Tea Gets Fit, Week 4
cap, captain miss america

So, I continued to exercise regularly last week– did my nice little ten minutes at lunch, and then some walking after work a few days. I did a lot of walking last week just looking for a new apartment (more on that later).

Fortunately, I found a great new apartment that I love! And it is much cheaper than where I am living now. Unfortunately, there will be no more walking home for lunch, and that means I need to rethink my exercise schedule.

I also started doing ten minutes of stretching right before bed, which seems to be helping with the restlessness I described last week.

Some routines are still very hard, but other ones I feel like they are much easier than they were when I started. The stretching is something that I enjoy and is so easy! My flexibility is pretty good– If I sit with one leg stretched out, I can old onto my big toe with the fingers of the opposite hand. That’s better than it was when I started.

Still no really visible signs of toning, as far as I can see, but the fact that the routines are seeming easier is a plus for me. I’m also getting higher scores in a lot of the Wii Fit games.

I’ve lost about 2 lbs since I started my exercise. The Wii Fit, ever the overbearing wannabe trainer, thinks I need to lose six pounds. I disagree and will be happy if I maintain my pants/dress size so I don’t have to buy new ones.

Of course, my weight frequently fluctuates up a pound or so in the course of a day. The Wii Fit thinks this is a reason to scold me and tries to tell me I need to think about my calorie intake. I am starting to think maybe I should skip the body test portion and just play the games.

Finally, this week’s pictures:

Also, my good friend [info]whirled has also started recording her fitness activity! You can read hers here! Go, Whirled!

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We JUST got done with level 2 of the 30 day shred and I'm TIRED.

I still haven't taken a pic. I really need to. You're an inspiration.


I am pretty happy with my current set-up. It made me pretty tired the first week or two but now it's pretty relaxing.

Oh yay for finding a new apartment! You can always run up and down stairs or get off the bus a stop early or something like that to make up the difference between walking home and not and just take a packed lunch instead.

Yeah, I figure I will take a walk at lunch and do my exercise when I get home!

And this place is way bigger than my current place. Like, the bedroom is bigger than my living room!

I hate the body test, particularly the week I gained 10 lbs. Why did it happen? Hell if I know! Yes, Wii, I really don't know. The doc and I are working on it, although they're about as supportive as the Wii is. There is no PMS option either. I like breaking my old records as a better indicator (i.e. 5 seconds of good plank vs. 30 seconds of good plank).

It should have a PMS option; that is how I gain most of the weight I gain.

And yeah, I have just been keeping track of how far I run in ten minutes, things like that.

Yay apartment hunt! :D I'm so glad you found a place you like! Details! Details! (Oh yes, and huzzah for your excellent workout!)

There will be details soon! I want to wait till I get keys and take pictures!

Oh I'm glad you found a place! I hope it isn't too far away!

It's in Sunnyside, so you can just take the 7 over anytime!

For a moment there I thought you said Sunnydale...

Hmm, could you set a smaller goal on the Wii Fit to stop it from harassing you? My last goal was to gain a few pounds within a month or two (I met it yesterday, woo! Let's see if I can keep that weight though. :P), and while it occasionally told me what my ideal weight would be according to BMI, I don't think it scolded me much (or at all, depending on what you mean by scolding) whenever my weight fluctuated a bit in the other direction. Of course, I'm not sure if the Wii Fit has a different attitude towards the players aiming for weight loss.

I'm not aiming for weight loss? The Wii Fit is, though? It didn't give me any other options, it was just like, "you should be this BMI!" the first time I turned it on, and it set that as a goal for me. Whenever I weigh more than a pound heavier than my previous weight, it starts asking me why I gained weight!

Huh, that's weird that it set a goal for you. I thought you had to set a goal yourself, hence why I made a stupid assumption about some kind of weight loss goal as some part of your efforts to get fit. Sorry about that. (I do think it's awesome that you're aiming for fitness rather than worrying so much about weight, by the way.)

I guess the last part of my previous comment should refer to the players for whom the Wii Fit recommends/sets goals of weight loss. I think the Wii Fit gives you occasional opportunities to change your goal, and I think you can even set a goal of +/- 0 lbs, but even putting it at that wouldn't be a great solution. (I say "I think" because my family has Wii Fit Plus, which may be a bit different. Of course, my memory could just be failing me altogether.)

Plus, you could be gaining muscle, and the Wii Fit doesn't know how to account for that. Just ignore him. :)

I'm glad to hear you found a place!

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Oh, no sweat! I actually went through something similar a number of years ago-- I was nowhere as sick as you but I lost a lot of weight due to illness (about thirty pounds). I'll think about what I've learned and get back to you!

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Don't worry about it! Ange knows a lot more than I do about this stuff so she's the right person to get advice from!

If you're going to be moving out of Manhattan, I think the best possible exercise might be to get a bike. I ride mine (at the least) to the train and back every day and it's toned up my legs in almost no time.

I'm not sure about bike lanes and such in Sunnyside, but everything becomes way more accessible with one too.

Yay for new flat!

That is great news indeed! I hope there will be bunnies around...

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