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Random Update of Randomness
cap, captain miss america
I got my identity stolen today!

Well, not really. Really, it was apparently stolen in 1989, but I just found out about it today. Now I know all the things you are supposed to do when that happens.

And it wasn't my whole identity, just my social security number. No effect on my credit, thank goodness.

Pain in the butt, but I think everything is done to solve it.

I have been making craploads of ice cream flavors. You would be amazed. I need to post them.

But mostly I just wanted to post to post this:

quizzicalsphinx 8:53 pm Pick an animal.
teaberryblue 8:53 pm you know what i am going to say
quizzicalsphinx 8:54 pm YES I DO
teaberryblue 8:54 pm <3

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Best of all:


Is both a heart and the head of a chicken.

IT IS!!!!

I like how you know it too.

Since 1989? Wow! You've had a whole other life that you didn't know about.

Ice cream is good cream.

I know! And in that life, I'm apparently of Russian descent.

I do love my ice cream.

Perhaps the other you is the last in a long line of lost Russian princesses or tsarinas or whatever they were called before the Revolution?

You inspired my recent gorging on a pint of chocolate ice cream. I hope you're proud of yourself! ;-)

Oooh, maybe I am Anastasia!

And I am very proud. The world needs more ice cream in people's tummies.

In Soviet Russia, LJ Idol comic draws you!

That's damn scary stuff, glad it wasn't worse!

I like your identity. You should keep it.

I am so very sorry you had to find out this way. You see, when you were born there were certain "things" happening and we did not know what to do.

You will probaly find "the Other" working at a lab in Cambridge.

Please do not be upset with us; it was a very difficult decision.


Best answer ever, Doctor Bishop.

Dr. Bishop is my father.

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