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Tea Get Fit, Week 5!

This past week was the first week where I didn’t manage to exercise every day at lunch. I had two errands I had to run on Monday and Tuesday, so those days were out– One day I managed to exercise in the evening, the other one I just did some stretching. But then, on Friday, I left work early to go to my parents’ for the long weekend. So I did a little stretching that day as well, but I really did not stick to the plan, Stan.

Also, these pictures were taken today, Tuesday, not Friday like they should have been!

Some high points of last week–

I flt increasingly comfortable stretching and more flexible overall! I think the highlight of the week for me came on Thursday when I did a routine I hadn’t done in about two weeks. This routine involve toe-touching, and the last time I did it, I could not really get my hands down past my shins without bending my knees. This time, though, my hands went flat on the floor with no problem! I was really proud and excited about that. It was the first quantifiable sign of progress for me!

I also, on Friday morning, officially met my weight goal, which was to hit under 140 lbs. Yeah, then I gorged so much this weekend I gained 2 lbs back, but since weight loss isn’t my main concern, I’m not sweatin’ it. I just felt like I should say so for those of you who are following my fitness adventure and thinking about starting your own. I know it probably doesn’t sound like a ton of weight, but I lost approximately five lbs in four weeks without changing my diet at all, and only making exercise part of my daily life, and I think that is a great thing to know!

Tea Gets Fit, Week 5 FrontTea Gets Fit, Week 5, Side

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