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Tea Get Fit, Week 5!
cap, captain miss america

This past week was the first week where I didn’t manage to exercise every day at lunch. I had two errands I had to run on Monday and Tuesday, so those days were out– One day I managed to exercise in the evening, the other one I just did some stretching. But then, on Friday, I left work early to go to my parents’ for the long weekend. So I did a little stretching that day as well, but I really did not stick to the plan, Stan.

Also, these pictures were taken today, Tuesday, not Friday like they should have been!

Some high points of last week–

I flt increasingly comfortable stretching and more flexible overall! I think the highlight of the week for me came on Thursday when I did a routine I hadn’t done in about two weeks. This routine involve toe-touching, and the last time I did it, I could not really get my hands down past my shins without bending my knees. This time, though, my hands went flat on the floor with no problem! I was really proud and excited about that. It was the first quantifiable sign of progress for me!

I also, on Friday morning, officially met my weight goal, which was to hit under 140 lbs. Yeah, then I gorged so much this weekend I gained 2 lbs back, but since weight loss isn’t my main concern, I’m not sweatin’ it. I just felt like I should say so for those of you who are following my fitness adventure and thinking about starting your own. I know it probably doesn’t sound like a ton of weight, but I lost approximately five lbs in four weeks without changing my diet at all, and only making exercise part of my daily life, and I think that is a great thing to know!

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Congrats on hitting your goal weight! But bigger congrats on being able to reach the floor! Keep it up :D

Thank you! The goal weight is really a superficial thing; I don't think I need to lose weight per se, but I want to maintain my weight because I'm on the cusp of needing to buy a bigger clothing size and I don't want to shell out the money.

The touching the floor part is awesome! It makes me feel like a limber teenager!

Hey, is there any chance you can figure out a way to put these posts under an lj-cut? I'm finding the pictures and some of the content triggering, but it's not easy to avoid when the full text shows up on my friends list. I could filter, but then I'd miss all your other posts which are cool!

I'm really sorry, but no. For one thing, I cross-post from my blog, which doesn't have the ability to program in LJ-cuts, and it would make it much harder to make these posts, which are pretty hard for me to make already.

Also, and more importantly, for me, part of the purpose of making them was to be brave enough to talk about them in a completely public forum, without the luxury of hiding behind a cut. It's about being brave enough to talk about fitness and normal people's bodies and force them out of being a taboo subject, because I don't think they should be, and it's about being able to look at my body without allowing people to sexualize it.

So for me, putting these behind a cut would really hurt the entire purpose of taking the pictures in the first place. I think I have explained that quite a lot in the posts, so it's pretty upsetting to have someone tell me that they think their comfort should be more important to me than my teaching myself to push my own boundaries and become more comfortable with myself. I'm sorry if it means you won't read my journal, but my own personal self-improvement is really important to me and I am doing this to get over my own bugbears.

If I can ask, what was triggering about the entries themselves?

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