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What is awesome!
cap, captain miss america
My grandfather turned 90 today.

For his birthday, I got him a laptop and set it up with Skype. He is now video conferencing with his great-grandchildren he's never met, who live 3000 miles away in San Francisco.

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Did largely the same thing for my mother-in-law at my sister-in-law's in Moscow, giving (especially) great-grandma the opportunity to interact with the kids from basically the other side of the world.

A huge win for technology!


Science is awesome! It was really neat.

That's so awesome :) Reminds me I need to Skype again with my mum sometime soon!

I will Skype with you sometime!

It was so neat, especially since my grandfather had never even seen Skype before.

I've only ever skyped with one person who isn't my mother or girlfriend and pretty much 90% of that conversation was her going "omg, you talk so fast", "omg, I can't understand your accent", "omg you talk so fast AND have an accent LET'S GO BACK TO TYPING" XD

Dude, I Skype with everyone. And I can understand Scottish accents, so I doubt I would have a problem with yours.

You know, that might be fun one day when I get the nerve up!

You will go to Heaven for this!

I am going to demand entrance into one of the neato echelons of angels!

Sounds like a good prompt for a comic!

I can't wait to see that comic:)

That's a great idea for a present. I'm so glad you did that and that you come from a long-lived line:) May your comics never end!:)

That is amazing. Technology makes me so happy sometimes.

It was so cool! It made me so happy, just seeing how excited my grandparents were.

I wish my mom was internet-friendly. And my sisters. My older sis finally got email, but she's not really a voracious emailer at this point. :)

Seal of approval. This gets it :D

That's awesome. My grandpa turns 90 next month and he's absolutely driving us all insane. He doesn't want to do anything anymore although his body is in fine physical form.

Aaaaaw that's so wonderful!

Awww...that is amazing. My great-grandmother is 94, and it's so wonderful to hear her stories/think about all of the changes she's seen happen in her lifetime.

Also, that is an amazing present. :)

That's amazing!
Sometimes, technology that we take for granted can really just make something incredible happen. <3

That is so awesome in a lot of ways! That reminds me of Cameron's great aunt who is a retired lawyer who lives in LA. It amazes me how much she's kept up with technology, especially considering all the thirtysomethings I know who insist they're too old to Learn Computers.

You so totally rock, squirt.


Aww, that's so cute!

My parents both use computers, but my dad mostly only uses it at/for work and is still a 2-finger-typer, and my mom only uses it for AIM & web browsing (most of which is like, yahoo front page news, buying books on Amazon/BN, email, etc). So when I moved out here I had them get Skype (set it up for my mom before leaving, actually, lol), and both were quite wowed by it and kept saying how "cool" it was that they could talk to & see me clearly and everything all the way over here. ;P

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