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The Giant Mess of Awesome Mail
cap, captain miss america
Okay, remember how, like, three months ago, I offered to mail people stuff?

Here, if anyone remembers

I completely fail. I also owe a couple people minicomics. However, I still have all the stuff in bins in my apartment, and I want to clean it out before I move.

Plus, I now have a bunch of Betty Boop and Popeye stuff from work I would like to give to people. Really good stuff. Cute purses and stuff.

Here's the stuff I have confirmed people want:

rainy_day: tops, dark colors. packed
writingmoments: purse. packed
kittenboo: black shoes, tops. waiting to confirm
smammers: buttondown, sweater. waiting to confirm
dragonmagelet: shoes, bras if I can find some.
stringdancegirl:purse. packed
supremegoddess:purse. packed
katieupsidedown:small stuff no one else calls. packed.
whirled:shirts Brenna doesn't want. waiting on price and addy.
f4l:waiting on price.

Everybody on this list, if you still want it, paypal me at demiurge [at] antagonia [dot] net (do it as a "personal" paypal for "money owed" or "gift" so I don't have to pay a fee on it) $10.70, put your address in the paypal note, and I will mail you stuff! I will pack up the boxes this weekend. Ange, I may need to talk to you about shipping costs since international will be more.

If you can't afford the shipping, just send me a message and we can work something out.

If you are not on this list and want to check on stuff that hasn't been claimed, comment here! Comments are not screened, so don't put in your address.

Also, tell me if you like Betty Boop and/or Popeye.

I will try to get all the mail out tomorrow or Monday.

ETA I have some cute men's Popeye shirts in addition to women's stuff, if anyone wants any. Two size S and an XL.

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I like Betty Boop or Popeye. Although I'm going to have to be back in NY soonish to get more stuff... so maybe shipping would be silly. Unless you really really want to get it away before you move.

No, I can save stuff for you. I'll just keep stuff for you at the office. It's mostly the old clothes I want to not have to pack and move.

Ooh, stuff! But shipping here would be a metric fuckton so I will not be tempted. *walks away quickly*

I could mail you a small box or padded envelope with some Popeye or Betty stuff, if you like.

Aah! Do not! Tempt! Me! XD
Would *love* but am being sensible... for a given value of sensible. ;)

Aw, but I have so many cute Popeye shirts!

I'd totally take the men's Popeye shirts, but I'm not sure I have a way of Paypalling you...let me check into it. If I can do, any other spare tees/sweaters are more than welcome. If they end up not fitting, rest assured they'll go to a charity shop here :]

Okay, awesome. I may need to ask you for a bit more money what with the international shipping, but I'll find out what the cost is.

Sounds like mailing the stuff will cost between $15-20.

Ah grand, I'll have to leave it so. Besides not having an easy means of getting it to you, I also lack money after the weekend XD Thanks though!

Oh hey, I had completely forgotten about this. I had to look back at the old entry and see what it was I'd wanted! I'm in a pretty tight spot financially right now though, and can't really afford to be spending on anything besides my bills. Are you going to be in CT sometime soon? I know you mentioned eating at Plan B once, which is right around the corner from my place, but I'm not sure if your parents live close enough for that to be a reasonable solution.

I won't be in CT before I move, unfortunately, and they live like an hour from Hartford, we only go up there a few times a year. I'm trying to get rid of the stuff before then! I can send you a whole bunch of stuff, though, if you tell me what size stuff you want, and you can pay me back later? I just want to get the stuff out of here before I move.

I completely forgot about this post, and obviously you have moved already, but if the offer still stands, I would be happy to give you an IOU for the money when I have a little more income.

Okay! Shoot me your address and I can mail you stuff! <3

I LOVE Max Fleischer era Popeye. Not as big a fan of La Boop, though she is a charming little New Yorkah.

ETA---Are your parents in CT? I was born & raised in Stamford. How exceedingly strange. :)

Edited at 2010-07-17 05:04 am (UTC)

Well, if you are a ladies' small or medium, I would be happy to mail you some awesome Popeye and Olive Oyl stuff. Unfortunately, there weren't very many things in bigger sizes and I need to save those for my BFFs.

(Deleted comment)
I will mail box and let you know how much it is!

Send me your address! LJ Message or link it on the other post with the screened comments?

ok, i am either dumb or tired or something, but how much am i supposed to paypal you?

Okay, I can send you a bettty purse and maybe some other stuff. I will get back to you abot price, yours might be cheaper than the others.

Oh and message me your addy or leave on the screened post.

Doesn't paypal give you my address?

That works ok too! I'll tell you if it doesn't.

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