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The Giant Mess of Awesome Mail

Okay, remember how, like, three months ago, I offered to mail people stuff?

Here, if anyone remembers

I completely fail. I also owe a couple people minicomics. However, I still have all the stuff in bins in my apartment, and I want to clean it out before I move.

Plus, I now have a bunch of Betty Boop and Popeye stuff from work I would like to give to people. Really good stuff. Cute purses and stuff.

Here's the stuff I have confirmed people want:

rainy_day: tops, dark colors. packed
writingmoments: purse. packed
kittenboo: black shoes, tops. waiting to confirm
smammers: buttondown, sweater. waiting to confirm
dragonmagelet: shoes, bras if I can find some.
stringdancegirl:purse. packed
supremegoddess:purse. packed
katieupsidedown:small stuff no one else calls. packed.
whirled:shirts Brenna doesn't want. waiting on price and addy.
f4l:waiting on price.

Everybody on this list, if you still want it, paypal me at demiurge [at] antagonia [dot] net (do it as a "personal" paypal for "money owed" or "gift" so I don't have to pay a fee on it) $10.70, put your address in the paypal note, and I will mail you stuff! I will pack up the boxes this weekend. Ange, I may need to talk to you about shipping costs since international will be more.

If you can't afford the shipping, just send me a message and we can work something out.

If you are not on this list and want to check on stuff that hasn't been claimed, comment here! Comments are not screened, so don't put in your address.

Also, tell me if you like Betty Boop and/or Popeye.

I will try to get all the mail out tomorrow or Monday.

ETA I have some cute men's Popeye shirts in addition to women's stuff, if anyone wants any. Two size S and an XL.
Tags: friends, giveaway, mail
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