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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
whee! i just checked my userinfo and i have two new friends!

hi there venus_starlet and nervous_wreck!

mikey's 'rents and sister came to visit this morning, we had mexican food for lunch. then i went to daffy's on the search for the ever-elusive bra. they had *one* bra in my size, and it was exciting too-- black with purple flowers-- and most wonderful of all, they had MATCHING UNDIES! i know this may not thrill and excite many of you, but i have never found a bra and undies to match in my size. so i was ecstatic.

now, this was daffy's and they have the creepy communist dressing rooms, so i had to show off my boobies to the flatiron district's daffy's clientele. and the bras DIDN'T FIT. poopy. they ran really small in the cup and large in the band-- the 32 was even a little big around, and the DDD cup made me plop out like it was a D. so it was very sad. i asked the lady for help and she said that was the biggest bra they had.

that's okay. i bought new socks and more boxer-briefs! i have decided that i'm going to slowly replace all my undies with boxer briefs, they's so comfy.

i need a nice book of bladed weapons that aren't swords-- knives, daggers, etc. they need to be historical with nice pictures and diagrams and accurate names for the weapons. any ideas?

writing is coming slowly today. i am so bad at segues. i realized that when i write dialogue, it comes very naturally, but when i try to write "such and such happened" type stuff linking scenes, well, i am very uncomfy with this sort of writing. pooh. i am only on page 129. that stinks. well, i guess it had to slow down at some point. i dunno, maybe i should go ahead and write later scenes and come back to this later? i dunno...i feel a little weird witing nonlinearly. oh well. i'll get crackin' again.