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Get Skirts! Be Happy!
cap, captain miss america
The lovely karnythia is managing a bulk order for skirts from Enwrapture Vintage. They will be $8.50 apiece if she gets several more orders (and a little bit more money for plus-sized), and I think that would be awesome because I am ordering two of them!

She has some photos of her own skirts here plus the information for buying them and a little formdoodle to fill out.

You should do this!

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What about her request that orders and payment be received by July 15th?

She just asked if anyone else is interested.

Oh man I seriously want one of those! They have similar ones at our mall for $25... :o

Oh, I would except for one thing - the only length available in plus size would be far too long for my short, fat body. :(

Oh, boo! Maybe you can wear them as a dress? The website says they can be worn either way!

I don't think that the 60 inch waistband would close over my boobs. Which really are kind of world ending tits, and well. *hands*


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