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A Comic to Read!
cap, captain miss america

So, I don’t normally do this, but I want to start getting into the habit of posting more about the comics I read and enjoy. I have a lot of comic-savvy friends reading, and you might already know about the comics I’m going to talk about here, but I also have a lot of friends who want to learn more about comics, and I thought it would be good to do some promoting of some of my favorites.

Today, I will tell you about a wonderful comic called Herman the Manatee, by Jason Viola.

Last year at MoCCA, [info]quirkybird told me I just had to go read this wonderful comic. So, [info]cacophonesque and I went to meet Jason and purchase his comic and his Shrinky Dinks. Seriously, how awesome is Shrinky Dinks?

Herman The Manatee is about a manatee named Herman who gets hit by a speedboat. Over and over and over again, and then some more. Very much in the spirit of Charlie Brown going for the football every time, he gets hit by the speedboat in all kinds of different scenarios in a sort of fatalistic existentialist dance of speedboat-thunking.

There are three Herman the Manatee books, of which I own two, and I highly recommend purchasing these fine comics or simply reading the strip online (new strips come out on Wednesday).

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Chris and I both love comics and manatees, so thanks for the rec!

Hahaha I love both as well, and I also love narwhals, which are also in the comic!

Also, there's no really good comics shop in N.O., so I can't really go browsing and see what appeals to me anymore (I was spoiled by the truly great Wuxtry Comix in Athens, GA, where we lived before we moved back here). Thus, I'm always up for recommendations. I like Peter Bagge, Julie Doucet, Roberta Gregory, most of Alan Moore, Gaiman, Crumb, Joe Hill's Locke & Key, Aline Kominsky, Mary Fleener ... stuff like that, if this list even constitutes a "that."

Oh, and Dan Clowes. Gotta get his new book, which I saw at Borders but didn't particularly want to buy there.

Crescent City Comics over by Tulane has a pretty respectable selection; that's the only decent indie comics shop down there that I know, though.

That's a pretty eclectic "that!"

I most read indie stuff and webcomics these days; if you haven't seen Lynda Barry's most recent book, "What It Is," it's kinda awesome. Bookwise, you might also enjoy Jeffrey Brown, who reminds me a bit of the 1970s indie folk. Dan Clowes' new book is pretty fascinating, too.

Web stuff you might like, check out Spike's Templar, AZ. And Erika Moen's DAR, which finished at the end of last year. Also, my friend kamenkyote has a very strange and sort of surrealistic comic called The City Dreams of Tamino the Cat that I wouldn't recommend to everyone but it involves a cat who dresses as Humphrey Bogart and reinvented cityscapes, so I will recommend it to you!

I could probably go on and on but also totally get into drawing a blank mode when people ask me for recs! But I am going to do more of these review things so I am sure something else will click!

Aww, I just read through a bunch of those. They are really cute!

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