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Oh, Brother Site Launch!
cap, captain miss america

Guys, I am so completely stoked to announce that the site I built for work launches today.

This site is for Oh, Brother!, a new comic by Bob Weber, Jr. and Jay Stephens about a sibling duo.  Lily is the responsible older sister; Bud is the mischievous younger brother.  There’s also Bud’s best-friend-down-the-block, Bradford, and Bud and Lily’s dog, Buster.

Oh, Brother!

It is freaking adorable and you should read it!

Also, the site has Flash games and a neat gallery where kids can post their own art (and where everyone can post photos of their pets)

Go there now!

Sample 1 Sample 2

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Sweet! I do like things that maintain their glow in the darkness. Jay is a great guy. I love the strip, it's just all-over fabulous.

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