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Things People Like More Than Jesus
cap, captain miss america

According to Facebook, Presented Without Comment:

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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As a heathen, this makes me sad :(

The sad part is that you know Jesus likes everyone.


Facebook is a weird place.

Friend request from Jesus DENIED!

Mine never show me how many people like it, just how many friends like it. Or sometimes "Many who like __[thing I like]__ also like this".

Although that also sometimes makes for some humorous correlations.

I think it usually does that for me, too. This might be a sign from God.

(Deleted comment)
"People who bought this title also bought this.

It's all because Anne Rice doesn't love him anymore.

I think Khloe Kardashian is the real ego blow.

I was more disappointed that Katy Perry was that far in front of Ashton and Usher.

Damn, here I thought BUTTSEX would have been in the top ten at least.

Silly, this is not a list of what fanfic writers like best!

Wow, Jesus does not get the love.

It's okay, he forgives us because we know not what we do.

How did Jesus do against the Best President Ever?

How about against the WORST President ever?

I'm not sure! Facebook didn't tell me that!

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