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Wow what a week!
cap, captain miss america

So I just realized I have barely posted anything about the past week and it was a super busy one.

My week in review!

Holy cow.

Saturday I had a table at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, which was super fun. The table was cheap, I made back what I spent on the table, and most of my beer money for the day. Afterwards, I met up with Destiny and Mike, and we had Vietnamese foods. It was a nice day!

Sunday I went to Ikea in the morning and bought some stuff for the apartment, including a rug and some curtains. And a giant inflatable spider. Yes, you heard that right. I also bought some lamps. One of the lamps wouldn’t go together, though, and the giant inflatable spider was broken.

Then [info]intrepia called, and invited me to go out with her and [info]abangaku to see The Merchant of Venice in the park. They had stayed up all night to get tickets as it was the last night. I got to sleep all night and then enjoy the play! I still got home very late for a little Tea, but the play was phenomenal. Al Pacino was Shylock and I thought he was fabulous, the interpretation of the character in this production was very different from any one I’d seen before, which was pretty neat.

Monday I had work, and our new comic website launched, which was pretty exciting! Then I went to Ikea to return stuff.  And bought more stuff.  Unfortunately, I only realized Monday night that I had miscounted my curtains so on

Tuesday I went back to Ikea.  I think it bears explaining that Ikea from my apartment is like a 3 hour round trip experience.  This time I had Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam with lingonberry drink in the Ikea cafeteria, just because.

Wednesday, I went with [info]spiralstairs and her friend Nancy to a party at <a href=”http://www.plymptoons.com/”>Bill Plympton’s</a> rooftop. I bought his new DVD and he drew a picture of me, which I totally forgot to scan to post!  Bill was a really nice guy and a great host.  Then we went out to dinner and parted ways.

Thursday, Brendan took me out to birthday lunch at this restaurant called Agua Dulce.  It was very…conceptual inside.  The food was pretty good, we had a nice time, but really I had wanted to go to Bocca di Bacco, this Italian restaurant I went to with my mother that was to die for.  Sadly, we discovered that they are not open for lunch.  Boo!

Then, [info]liret came down and we went to Kat’s birthday picnic in Prospect Park.  We hung out with Kat and her awesome friends and then went home.

Friday, I had the day off work to wait for my furniture delivery!  I got a kitchen table and bookshelves.  They came, they were assembled, they conquered!  And then we went up to Connecticut where my mother prepared a feast of ENDLESS appetizers from the many many delicious things in our garden.  Plus, I got three bottles of liquor– Cabana cachaça, which I used tonight to make plum capininhas, Rogue hazelnut spice rum, and Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva, which I only want to drink straight because it is freaking lovely.  The garden is amazing and awesome; I think we picked like nine cucumbers, and we had homegrown eggplant, zucchini and zucchini blossoms, string beans, tomatoes, radishes, and beets.  Everything was freaking to die for.  My mother deep fried slivers of zucchini and eggplant, stuffed the zucchini blossoms with mozzarella and fried those, and battered and fried beans and okra.  We had beets sliced thing with goat cheese and tomato and mozzarella caprese, plus little steamer clams with melted butter, pork ribs, other cut up vegetables, fry bread, arugula and nasturtium salad, and I’m probably forgetting some things.  But all those veggies except the okra were homegrown– our okra is not quite ready to pick.   The garden looks gorgeous and amazing and wonderlandlike.

And tomorrow is my birthday!  Excitement for all!

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I may not get a chance tomorrow, so... happy birthday! I'm happy to have met you, and hope that you have a lovely day and a lovelier year.

And, promise not to drop me once LJI ends, as I would be sad and sulky and WE DON'T WANT THAT. :)

I'm not intending to drop anybody I added! I was very selective about who I added to begin with!

And thank you for the kind birthday wishes! I am excited for tomorrow!

Hope it rocks! And thanks for not making me sad and sulky... Sandi's stepmom has that part handled already. :)

Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

Thanks! By the way, I know it is your 8th coming up-- just a warning, if the baby comes, he will share a birthday with MY FATHER.


As long as it's not MY father, I don't care! And we've missed that by ten days now, so I'm cool, especially since I hear on the grapevine that your dad is pretty darned cool in his own right. Plus I think 8/8/10 would be a fantastic birthdate, although my husband pointed out that if he held out for another month and was born on *his* birthday, his birthdate would be 8/9/10 (using British/NZ ways of writing dates).

Pfft, you can just wait another day and write it the American way :-P

My birthday in American date notation is 8/7/78 which I think is pretty sweet. In Brit/NZ it's 7/8/78. Also sweet.

That is really cool. Both ways. I love mucking about with numbers, right to the point where I did some gematria calculations on the two possible ways of spelling this baby's name to decide which was more auspicious...

Wow. Your week kinda kicked most other peoples' weeks in the face.

Also: happy birthday a day early.

My week was freaking awesome.

And not a day early! It is my birthday now!

Happy birthday!

The thing I most wish I could do in NYC is go to a rooftop party. I always hear about them and see pictures and shit. I want to goooo. :(

Aww! Come in the summer and I will find you one. They're not super common since most buildings don't give people roof access but I usually go to a couple every summer.

Al Pacino as Shylock?? Wow!

Yes! It was freaking phe-nomenal.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I really want to go to Ikea one day, dammit! Everyone I know who's been makes it sound on par with Disneyland xD

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