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tea berry-blue

so i think i got a bunch written last night after all. i got to the next plot point, anyhow. that's a good thing. i can write in dialogue and that makes me happier. though this book is just going to be all dialogue. i had been hoping though to get to p. 150 this weekend, and that didn't happen at all.

i probably have too many characters who aren't exactly necessary, but that's all right. i'm still not sure i have a solid plot. again, that's all right. i have the basic gist of it, and i can go back into the beginning and fix it later, once i know exactly how things turn out. i think that's the real problem, is that i don't know what happens to my characters yet. i learned something else about them last night, about how they interact, but i didn't learn anything about what exactly it is they're going to be up against at the end. oh well; i'll figure it out.

and i've been figuring out a lot of riasa's story, which is a good thing. well, not exactly her story but the story of the first goddess, channitah, who came from the world before the last world, and the bargain she made with her king-father when she disguised herself as a mortal princess.

i like writing. it makes me happy. the fact that i have ten books i could write if had the time, mostly laid out in front of me very nicely just waiting for me to have the time to write them...it's very satisfying. it makes me feel like, yes, this is something i could really do. i have enough stories that i won't run out for a while, and by then i'll think of something else.
Tags: characters:channitah, writing, writing:fredje
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