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Drawin’ time with Tea and Rina
cap, captain miss america

Last night, Rina came over to play! And by play, I mean draw.

When I was a little kid, my favorite game would be to sit with my friends and both draw the same thing at the same time.

None of my friends liked this game. They would usually get bored after the first one. I have a sketchbook from when I was a kid, where I used to have “theme pages.” There was a clown page and a cheerleader page and some other pages, but those are the ones I remember. I would ask my friends to add their doodles of clowns or cheerleaders or whatever to the appropriate page. Some of them humored me. Some of them didn’t even go that far.

But tonight, Rina came over and we drew things!

Rina has been doing this neato series of comic versions of tweets, and she worked on some of those. Then I did some, too, but mostly, I drew pictures of Rina drawing! And here I will reveal the secret, centuries-old process by which her comic tweets are made! It has been passed down for generations and protected by a secret order of sworn guardians.

Rina is freaking awesome, y’all. It’s so cool to be able to draw with someone who has so much talent and skill and is willing to talk about her art and pass on advice and knowledge so openly. Plus, she is just generally fabulous. Go check out our comic tweets on her blog!

Here they are!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Oh my gosh, we so should have been friends as kids because your idea of fun sounds AWESOME, seriously! :D

Aw! None of my friends liked it. But I figure there was probably one of us in every town.

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