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Top 5 Meme

You asked...

*If you asked two, I only did one.

cheshire23 asked: Top 5 awesome NYC locations that "nobody's heard of"

I had trouble with this one, because I don't really think I go to much that no one has heard of. At least, locals have heard of it all even if tourists haven't. I'm not one of those people who puts a premium on best-kept secrets, and I wouldn't know if the places I go to are well-known or not. So let me just do my "top 5 places to take tourists that they've probably never heard of"

1) Burp Castle for beer
2) Rickshaw for chocolate soup dumplings
3) Holey Cream for ice cream donut sandwiches
4) Fish's Eddy to look at the pretty glass
5) Ronnybrook Milk Bar for ice cream

itswhatiam asked: Top five fictional characters

1) Momo, Momo, by Michael Ende
2) Sara, Intacto, played by Mónica López
3) The Creature, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley
4) The House on Ash Tree Lane, House of Leaves, Mark Z Danielewski
5) Walter Bishop, Fringe, played by John Noble

dragonmagelet asked: Top 5 things you love to hate!

1) Vodka!
2) Dan Brown!
3) Paula Deen!
4) Twilight!
5) Misplaced apostrophes

seraphtrevs asked: Top 5 Fannish Contributions (5 fannish things you're glad/proud/amused to have done)

1) Silly True Blood Comics
2) Grawp Just Want Bang Stick
3) Eye on My Ankle
4) William Shakespeare's Cousin Lucentio's Wedding
5) Peppermint

spiralstairs asked: Top 5 favorite movies from childhood?

1) The NeverEnding Story
2) Flight of the Navigator
3) The Secret of NIMH
4) Mr. Boogedy
5) Sleeping Beauty

gratefuladdict asked: Top 5 movie soundtracks?

Full disclosure: I am not a music person. I kinda don't really like music because it tends to distract me too easily. However, I'll try.

1) Love Actually
2) Breakfast at Tiffany's
3) The Mystery of Rampo
4) The Red Violin
5) Cabaret

kamenkyote asked: What are your five favorite things you found you can do that you didn't think you could?

1) touch my toes
2) turn a cartwheel
3) crochet
4) put up wall shelving singlehandedly
5) run a mile

writingmoments asked: top 5 books you would recommend?

1) Momo, by Michael Ende
2) The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel), by Ellen Raskin
3) Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf
4) What It Is, by Lynda Barry
5) The Happy Hocky Family, by Lane Smith

eschatologies asked: Top five novel-to-film adaptations?

1) The Prestige
2) Breakfast at Tiffany's
3) Frankenstein (1931)
4) Clueless
5) The Whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy

whirled asked: Top 5 ingredients you like to cook with :)

Note: I left out booze here

1) cream
2) eggs
3) sugar
4) chili
5) garlic

i_smell_apples asked: Favourite five books from childhood :D

Note: I picked all books from very, very young childhood or it would have been too hard.

1) The Barbapapas' New Home</a> by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor
2) Sarah and Simon and No Red Paint</a> by Edward Ardizzone
3) Lamont The Lonely Monster by Dean Walley and Don Page
4) Walt Disney Productions presents The Magic Grinder
5) The Bobbsey Twins and the Horseshoe Riddle by Laura Lee Hope

rattsu asked Top five weirdest RP moments!

1) Diarrhea epidemic on Vassar MOO
2) Shark Attack Guy in Shiver My Timber
3) Any scene with CKM in Daughters of the Goddess
4) Death by Chicken Day in Shiver My Timber
5) The Inside of Curr's Brain in Seas of Erin

torsui asked: top five drinks not of your own devising.

I wasn't sure if this meant classic drinks or drinks by other people. I went for classic because I figured that would be of more use to most of my list.

1) Negroni
2) Manhattan
3) Aviation
4) Dark & Stormy
5) Sazerac

queenozymandia asked: Top 5 chickens! :D

1) Billina from the Oz books by L Frank Baum
2) Pepita from roleplaying
3) Camilla from The Muppet Show
4) Chicken Boo from Animaniacs
5) Henrietta from The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

I hope you feel enlightened!
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