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cap, captain miss america

1) I have been running every morning! This means getting up at 6 to go out before work. On [info]negativeneve‘s suggestion, I took this morning off and simply walked 2k instead of running. I can’t quite do more than 2.5k yet but I am trying not to push myself too hard. I am hoping this coming week, I’ll get up to three.

Since I started running, I’ve found that one of the stretches I have always done is aggravating my hip joints, mostly on the inner side. It’s always been my favorite stretch so I’m a little concerned about this. It’s become very painful to do. It doesn’t really hurt when I’m not stretching. Does anyone know what that is?

2) Part of running means I have also been incorporating breakfast into my morning routine. I never ate breakfast before! I have been eating Fage 2% yogurt with honey and homemade granola all week. I haven’t decided what I think of this morning thing, but breakfast is a plus.

3) My hair is driving me nuts. It’s gotten pretty long– below my shoulder blades– and I am using crazy amounts of conditioner to detangle it. Parts of it are matted pretty much every morning and I have to go in and pick the mats apart. I remember the last time this happened was when I was a freshman in college– the last time my hair was this long. So! I am thinking maybe my hair has reached critical mass and I should cut it back a bit. The question is whether to just cut three inches or do something short again.

4) I just bought two new dresses from eShakti. I have had several of you recommend them, so I finally was un-lazy enough to get out the measuring tape. I didn’t exactly fit any of their standard sizes, but I was closest to an 8, so I bought those. I am hoping they’ll see the big bra size and know what to do about it. If anyone’s wondering, my measurements are 38-27-38.

5) Remember a week or two ago when I told you all to read [info]boxbrown‘s comics? Well, he has a new one, and it is called Everything Dies, and you should read it! It is about religion and humanism and stuff. There are three stories up for you to try. You should try them!

6) I am going to go meet [info]rosefox shortly! I am very excited! So excited that I perhaps mistook the time I was supposed to meet her and almost jumped the gun by an hour and a half. Oops!

7) I like lemonade and have been drinking it a lot lately.

8) On the recent LJ thing: I have screencapped all of your locked posts, recorded video of myself reading them, and posted it on youtube. Just so y’all know. No, I wouldn’t share comments from anyone else’s posts with a link to a locked post in it; in fact, the idea to do that had never occurred to me before last night. However, whatever y’all want to do with comments on my posts is all good either way, as long as you don’t send anything I’ve ever locked into the world of public web stuffs. Even then, I will probably forgive you as long as it’s not personal information that implicates another person. If I even find out about it. But that’s just how I roll. I heart you all!

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(Deleted comment)
Yaaaaaaay! I figured the way your past week or so had been going, some magic unicorn Betty was required!

Oh yay! rosefox is awesome with sauce.

I do and I don't understand the outrage. I get that some people don't want their LJ lives to cross into their Twitter or Facebook. Some people really do. So it's a taste issue.

But the apparent paranoia that friends are going to start posting everyone else's comments and entries to the sites? Really? I find that pretty sad. If (general) you don't trust the people who read your stuff, then why are you friends with them?

Yeah, I think the issue for most people is that it's not voluntary, and I totally get that. But that's how I felt, too...I honestly think my friends are smart enough people to be able to make the judgment call on their own, just as they have for the past nine years.

Would it be possible to braid your hair at night in one or two big braids? My friend Jen had curly hair and used to do that at bedtime to keep hers from matting.

It mats during the day, like usually it's getting matted by 3 pm or so, is the problem. And I don't want to wash it twice a day or go to bed with wet hair. I can't braid it without wetting it thoroughly. So it would mean less detangling in the morning, but I would still have to shower and re-condition it in the morning, and I would be sleeping on a wet pillow.

I have screencapped all of your locked posts, recorded video of myself reading them, and posted it on youtube.

I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who did this.

Heh, I'm far more perturbed by the lossy JPEG compression on the header image that's up now than I am by the new FB/Twitter reposting widgets.

I am totally amazed and impressed by your getting up that early to run.

I just read Demonstrable Proof, and it was pretty funny. Good rec!

On #8

Lol Im so gullible because I almost believed you there for a second.

Ohhhh why oh why did I click that link?! I want clothes! And the idea of custom sizing is awesome.

Lemonade is also awesome.

They're so gorgeous. I will let you know how they turn out when I get them.

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