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Running update!
cap, captain miss america

This is a quick one, but I just wanted to tell people that yesterday I made it to 3k! I did 3k again this morning. I’m very pleased with myself! This week, I am going to start working on getting up to 4k.

My parents say they can actually see a physical difference since I started running. It’s only been three weeks, though, so I don’t really believe them. I think it’s more that they’re proud of me for doing it :-P I am going to take more pictures, though, and see if there really is any comparison to some of my earlier fitness pics.

3k is hard stuff! I was actually more proud of myself the second time, because doing it once could just be a fluke. Twice is getting more like I can do it consistently.

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Way to go! 3K twice is pretty impressive, especially for the reasons you mentioned. I find it difficult to build up my endurance too.

I don't know, three weeks is a decent amount of time and if you have a fast metabolism anyway, it might be showing.

Thank you! Your advice has really been invaluable and it's been great to listen to what you have to say.

Awww, thank you! :) Do you notice a difference in resting? I've never tried to run daily so I wonder if there's a difference.

Well, the day after I rested was the first day I was able to run 3k. I've only rested one day so far (today is my second rest day) so I'm not entirely sure, but after a week or so, I'll let you know!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I looked it up before I started this, but it starts out training people for much less than I need to run. It starts out with running in 90 second pulses which seems like more trouble than it's worth, because I don't own a stopwatch, and I was already comfortable enough running 1k when I started.

That's so awesome! We've been taking it really slowly, as time permits, but are making similar progress. It's so cool to run on the track where once we could barely do a full minute without feeling like dying. :)

I know! I keep getting to the part that made me DIE a couple weeks ago and now I am just like, doot de doo, this is easy!

We just got back from a run... two 8-minute intervals and then a 4-minute "sprint." Not going to win any olympic medals, but it feels SO GOOD.

3k is hardcore! That's awesome :D

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