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Bread and Jam for Grown-Ups
cap, captain miss america

When I was little, I went through a Bread and Jam for Frances phase. Never one for too many sweet things, I didn’t go in for jam, but I ate peanut butter on whole grain bread every day for my first two years of brown-bagging to school. I wasn’t quite as picky as Frances: I ate carrot or celery sticks and cookies along with my bread and peanut butter, but I remember very much identifying with the Hobans’ little protagonist.

The owner of the local wine shop near my grandparents in Delaware also makes his own bread using fresh, local (if possible) ingredients, and we love his bread. We bought a nice big ciabatta and brought it up to Connecticut with us, sliced it for supper…

…and promptly forgot about it till the next morning. So, while we were getting ready to leave, I toasted up some slices of the bread and topped them with (Delaware-local) goat cheese, with figs and arugula from our garden on some slices and our new homemade elderberry jelly (which my mother made last week) on the others.

This could make me eat bread and jam every day again.

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MAN! Those photos look DELICIOUS!:)

They tasted delicious! My mom makes amazing jelly!

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