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Comic: Ideas
cap, captain miss america
I actually drewed a new comic!

I haven't posted a new comic in AGES! This sort of explains why!

Originally posted on Antagonia.net

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Ideas are scary, when they bunch up in large groups.

And yay comic!

They are! They should need an assembly permit.

I've missed your comics.

I missed them too!

You realize that this image shows a LOT of growth since you've been posting these comics? Seriously. Your shapes and composition show a lot more confidence as does the use of graywash. Pick one idea and just stick with it. What you're telling us about happens to all of us. Sticking with one is the only way to see something through. Y'know, like Tamino. :"D

Gosh, I know. I think a lot of it is just materials. Materials! They change everything.

When I started, I was working on plain sketch paper with Microns, because that was all I knew about. Then I moved onto Rapidographs and Pitt artist pens, and it was kind of an amazing epiphany for me.

Then some of my friends got on my case about learning to use a dip pen and a brush, and I can't tell you how much I feel it has improved my work. I used to be scared to even touch a brush! Now I do all my linework with a G nib and most of my shading with plain ol' ink wash (although I sometimes use the Tombow dualbrushes when I'm traveling and such because it's easier than having lots of little jars). And of course everything is on Bristol now.

I think going to more and more traditional materials in and of itself makes my drawing a lot freer. Even though I don't have the best control with these tools yet, I feel like I can accept that nothing's going to be perfect, and it makes my work better than when I could be perfectionistic about it. Which I think it the confidence you're seeing.

You know how I feel about the pen and brush. :"D The brush takes a long time to really get to know. High learning curve. For me, it's totally worth it as I can ink much faster with real ink than with digital. Also, it forces you to 'get it right the first time,' as there's no undo. True, there's white out, but I find I'm much more committed to my real ink lines.

Keep at it. You're doing great!

I know exactly what you mean.

Great to see your comics back. :)

Thanks! I am glad I got one up. And I have another one inked at home!

Aw! I have half of a piab prompt pencilled?


I'm about to fall asleep at my desk, in other news...

quite glad to see a comic out of you.

Thank you! I still keep meaning to do a couple more from my last New Orleans trip.

New Tea comics!

I just assumed you stopped making them after the writing competition thing ended.

No! I actually started doing them before the competition, in fact, I was drawing more comics before the competition started, and I dropped out in part to focus on my own stuff again. But I got too spoiled by having prompts every week.

Aaahhh, I understand this so well!

I know this feeling well - it's why I so rarely write fiction.

Me,too. I have too many pieces of books sitting around.

I like your 'busy' bit, hee hee

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