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I hit 5k for the first time on Thursday, and then managed to do it again on Friday. Saturday was my rest day, and I ran again today, but today I didn’t quite make it to 4.5k.

I was disappointed because this is the first time I ran less than my previous runs, but my chest started to twinge really badly and slowing down didn’t stop it. It was also windy and rainy, and I suspect that the weather made it more difficult for me to run. I think I also may have accelerated too quickly early on.

Some things I’ve noticed about running: First off, I have been waking up at 6:15 every morning to do my running, and that’s about two hours earlier than I usually wake up– and one hour earlier than I wake up in the summer. Yet, I am not going to bed any earlier and I don’t feel tired. I am much more alert when I get to work than when I woke up at my usual time, and that I really like.

I am also a LOT hungrier, especially for fats, proteins and carbs. I am eating a lot more food, and specifically have found myself craving meat, dairy, bready foods and potatoes. I don’t find that I want vegetables as much as I usually do. It’s sort of weird because it’s the opposite of my usual diet, which is very green-vegetable-and-legume-heavy. I have been eating breakfast, but still have a hard time getting to lunch without a snack.

Other than today, when I just felt awful by the time I hit 4k, I have been really impressed with how visibly my endurance has improved. The first time I ran 1k, I felt like it was really wearing on me at about .5k, but by the time I got to 4k, I really only started feeling tired and out of breath around 2k. And it’s enough I can work through it.

One thing that is funny is that I have a hard time keeping myself at a slower pace, even though I’m trying to pace myself. If there are other people running, my body automatically adjusts to run at their pace, without me even really thinking about it. I also find myself speeding up when I am close to reaching milestones. For example, when I get close to completing 1k, I start running a little faster. I often don’t even notice it and it’s actually harder for me to adjust to a slower pace than a faster one.

I think that’s really everything I have to say for today. In spite of today’s setbacks, I’m very confident that in two weeks I’ll be fairly comfortable with running 5k and should be ok for the run!

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