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Comic: Flying
cap, captain miss america

Originally posted on Antagonia.net
This is another comic using a prompt from prompt_in_a_box. The prompt was to use the line of dialogue "It worked!"

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I keep hovering your comics as though they were xkcd and doing so will reveal some super secret hover text. I don't know what this means.

It means I need to start adding secret messages!

That looks just like me at the end of the comic!

Also, posted in PIAB!

And it's up for you to tag away! :D

I have the jumping dreams too! Such a weird sensation.

Oh neat! It is weird. I like it, though. It sort of reminds me of being on a trampoline, except with more control.

I hover in my dreams too! But I have to concentrate hard and I can only do it for so long because it's very tiring. I thought I was the only person who couldn't fly in their dreams, so this is reassuring in a weird way.

I wonder if different people have different types of superpowers in their dream life!

I have dreams like that, too! It's always more like jump-and-glide than actual flying.

Mine used to be like that, except I had no control, and kept floating higher into the atmosphere. BUM BUM BUM.

Flying! And teeth brushing!

In my dreams I can fly really well. I'm always sad when I wake up from these dreams. Like, NO! Because now I can't fly! I want back in the right world! The FLYING WORLD!

But I don't have the teeth brushing dreams. I guess this is the teeth-brushing world. (:<)

(I'm so glad your comix are back!)


I just have to say that you've made me remember why I was so happy to have created the community. I never really even imagined anyone would take it as far as to use the prompts to create comic strips, but this is wonderful and I'm glad the prompts help, in some way, to create such art!

Very cute work, and thanks for giving us an excuse to create another tag for yet another creative outlet!

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