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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
so, dude, last night on the osbournes kelly was wearing my cheap-ass fake army jacket with the poufy shoulders. the same one.

that was funny.

i got up to 157 pages last night. i'm not sure about the last scene. i wrote it a very particular way, and i think i may rewrite it eventually. it's the movie-version of the scene, not the book version, and it seems a little too public. i think it might work out better a different way, because this way leads me to a scene i don't want to write because it will be boring. maybe i don't need to write it. it let me do one or two things that i wouldn't have been able to do if i'd written it the other way. oh well. maybe i'll write both versions and then see which one is better.

i feel sorta sick today. i have a bad headache and neck-ache. pooh. it stinkeroos. it is making it hard to concentrate on work. oh well. i will get a bit done today, anyway. yee haw. at least my fingernails look nice today.

that's one thing about me that you wouldn't expect. i have very nice fingernails. right now most of them at about a quarter-inch long and nicely rounded at the tips. i don't do much to take care of them, they just always look nice. it's too back i have suck-ugly hands with short stubby toddler fingers; my nails don't look right on these hands at all.

okay, i gotta get back to work for now. wooooo.

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sorry you are still achey my love!

love you!

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