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Comic: Running
cap, captain miss america

This really happens when I run at the track in the morning: there is always some lady who is already dressed for work, in business clothes, with fancy lady shoes and her hair all done and her purse, jogging. And it is not even always the same lady!

This post was originally posted at Antagonia.net

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Really? I wonder what kind of shoes they wear--I could use a pair for work! ;-)

Forget the shoes! I want to know what kind of ankles they have!

LOL--yes, yes that would be good to know too!

Are you sure they aren't just using your running trail as a shortcut? Although, really, it seems like an awful way to save time--I don't want to think about how sweat-tastic I'd be after a run in regular workout gear, much less my work clothes!

I'm pretty sure not! I think there are three different ladies who do this and they do more than one lap around the track!

And I'm assuming we're not even talking like, "I'm about to miss the bus" type jogging here?

Nope, I jog on a track! So they are doing laps! In makeup! With heels!

Ahahaha, I don't even what is their life. I mean ok, whatever works for ya lady! But seriously. what.

It is amazing. I want to know how they don't sweat. I suspect they are robots.

Agreed. Do some people not have sweat glands or something? Very odd. And HOW do they run in "fancy" shoes without killing their feet!!!!?!??

I'm not sure. I don't want to see their blisters.

(Deleted comment)
Because they are trying to assimilate!

oh my goodness. that seems like you would a) injure yourself and b) end up at work all disheveled. I sigh and shake my head when I see people just walking around normally in impractical shoes, to be honest. . . I can't imagine voluntarily jogging in them.

First: Man, that is weird. Maybe she's training in case she's ever in a horror movie? The women in those movies always seem to have to run in fancy shoes.

Second: Dude, the art is really good in this one. Kinda Colleen Coover-ish and full of character. Good show!

I bet I go to law school with these people. Or people who will become them. They don't need no stinkin' work life balance!

Doesn't she get too sweaty for work??

I LOVE this. What a beautiful portrayal of you.

Oh, man! I LOVE heels and even I would never jog in them! Ouchers.

As someone who often runs in her workclothes?


I only do it because I am ALWAYS LATE and I always feel awful and even if I manage to undo the disheveledness of my looks, I still feel disgusting, and tired, and spend all day worrying that I smell.

Ugh and if you have a bag it just runs into you ba-da-bump-ba-da-bump, ew.

I second the praise of the artwork! I love how you drew yourself here!

I can hardly get to work without sweating and that's just on the metro -- I couldn't imagine running in my work clothes!

PS: love the portrait of you running - awesome!

Wha? I don't even wear my work shoes (dressy, but not heels) the 2.5 blocks from the parking garage to my office. How could someone stand to jog in heels?! Maybe they are training for some weird high-heeled marathon.

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