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That Photo Meme
cap, captain miss america
So there is that meme where you're supposed to post a photo of yourself without doing anything to "fix yourself up," but since I don't do any of those things anyway, this is like pretty much any of my photos.

It also does one of those "You are tagged if you see this" things, but I find those annoying, so, you know, if you would like to do it, hooray.

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Your hair looks amazing since you stopped shampooing daily. Just had to state the obvious.

Yes! This! I concur a million times. :D


I never shampooed my hair every day, though. Even when I used shampoo, I shampooed it once a week at absolute most-- usually once every two weeks. I stopped using any kind of shampoo, ever.

My entire comment was about how good Tea's hair is looking! LOVE IT!

I also would like to comment that your hair looks fab!

Looking well, babes ;)

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