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A Page From My Diary
cap, captain miss america

This weekend, I spent some time sorting and packing up books that have been living at my parents’, so they can take the trek from Connecticut to my apartment that actually has space for books in Queens.

While doing this, I found a diary from 1984. Let’s just get this straight. In 1984, I was 6 years old.

There were only two pages in the entire diary filled out. I scanned them in so you could see.

Those are the only pages I filled in the entire book. Draw what conclusions you will.

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awww! that's really good for six years old!

D'awwwh is that a CARE BEAR on July 1?

Ickle Tea is just as awesome as grown-up Tea.

Yes, it is! there is a Care Bear in the sunrise! And somehow "bedtime" involves a giant cat. I am not really sure why.

Which a mouse is riding, I think?


i was thinking maybe it was a cat bed.

...your 6 year old self draws better than my current 22 year old self can, seriously.

After careful consideration of the evidence provided, I conclude that you were a most awesome 6 year old indeed. You're also awesome now, clearly awesomeness starts young.

How wonderful (if sparse)! I particularly like Loin and Graffe and wonder how they and their friends in deepest Africia have fared through the years.

A delightful share!

Love the bit about your brother getting you in trouble...so cute!

I love that you added a subtitle.

Also that this is pretty much exactly like a 6 year old version of your lj now.

That is very neat. I have my journal from high school and like to read through it now and then, except it makes me want to slap some sense into that silly girl from back then.

Nikki says "OMG. I TOTALLY HAD THAT SAME DIARY. And I think there were matching stickers involved."

claim insurance

It is amazing that this project is being shared online. I visited the museum for the first time last May, a wish I’d had for a long time- it was fantastic

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