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Dear LJ, this makes me kind of uncomfortable:
cap, captain miss america
I was checking the source code on one of my friend's LJs, and saw this little line here:

LiveJournal ExpressLane: You received this page before 1 free users!

It sort of creeped me out. I have a permanent account, and I am glad I do; I like the security of it and the not having to remember to pay, and the extra features. I pay for it because I see it as my way of continuing the service. I am also glad that LJ gives paid account users a service with no ads, and other perks. You get what you pay for, you know?

I'm probably the last person to notice this, or something, but it's not just the idea that paid users get faster service. There's an undercurrent of elitism inherent in it, but that's not really any different from paying your cable company to get speedier bandwidth at home or work, or paying to get preferred service on an airline or train. What I don't like is the way it is smugly advertised in the source code, as if us paid users are sitting around competitively snickering at how much faster our connection is to LJ than everyone else's. That we're somehow basking in that elitism. I didn't even realize I got a preferred rate of connection on LJ. Probably because my connection speed so often sucks.

Which is cool and all, I realize it's a hefty site, but now this leaves me wondering how slow this is for everyone else.

And if there's anyone who actually checks their source code to luxuriate in the privilege of their paid account. It just kind of makes me go ick.

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I also have a permanent account. I think that the fastlane has been a feature for years (I think it was part of the advertisement when I bought mine?) -- but one I've never noticed in use, and the source code pronouncement is kind of creepy.

Yeah, I think I vaguely remember being aware of it when it was announced. It's the text in the source that really bothers me.

I look at the source code every so often, because I'm learning web design and whenever I see something neat in someone's layout I want to see what the code looks like, so I've been aware of the presence of the ExpressLane for a long time. The funny thing is, I've never once had it tell me anything other than "you received this page before 0 free users" (and I've always had a paid account). So my reaction to this was just "Wow, ExpressLane actually does something??"

I look at source code all the time! I just never noticed it before!

I have a free account and I don't notice an issue with getting to wherever I want to go. From a business perspective, you want to remind your customers what they're paying for otherwise they might not be willing to pay again next time.

...I don't know who would want to know something like that, but I'm sure there are people who do.

It makes sense to remind people, but not in the source code? I think if they wanted to do that, they could do it more tastefully by putting the page load time in the footer and then putting in a "average free page load time on this blog:" Instead of making it all "hahaha, you booted someone else out!"

Sometimes I check that number in the source code as a gauge for how slow the site is running. There have been times in the past when the servers were being overloaded where I've received my page before hundreds of free users.

I haven't noticed a significant difference between my paid account here vs. my unpaid RP journals. Granted, I've never looked at the source code and come across that. It's kind of smug, although it's fine to list it as a feature/benefit where paid accounts are advertised.

If I'm getting pages faster then my friends I'd really rather not know about it, otherwise I'm going to feel bad.

I don't know, with the sort of infrastructure it takes to run a site like this, I don't feel any ill will towards users who pay for the service to get a preferred loading time. Putting it in the code is kind of bitchy, but at the same time, it was probably a super bored person that put it in to begin with.

But I say this as a person that works with code and crap every day. We've had some major server issues recently because one of the companies that uses the servers doesn't charge enough for their services and uses a ton of bandwith.

Basically, what I'm saying as someone who gets this for free: AIN'T NO BIG :)

I code websites for a living. I think it's insulting to *me* as a paid user, the suggestion that I would be classist enough to think that way.

Gotcha...I just don't think it's a big deal. I don't ever notice any lags and a little bitchery in the code doesn't seem like such an awful thing.

lol, wow. The only times I've noticed LJ run slow for me is on ontd, but never visiting other journals. Hmmm

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