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Comic: Beauty Llama

Beauty Llama

This is the Beauty Llama!

I went to the Durham Fair this weekend, which is an agricultural fair in Connecticut. It’s a pretty big one, with lots of neat exhibits and an old-timey farm museum. Plus, really great fair food– there is a stand that serves Polish food, like pierogi and kielbasi and golabki and potato pancakes, and my mom and I always get a plate of everything to split. We look at the chickens and have been keeping a more serious list of which breeds we would like to get (So far, we like the Orpingtons, the Ameraucanas, Rhode Island Reds, and Plymouth Rocks best, I think).

Anyway, one of my secret stories is that I once tried to convince my parents to buy an alpaca farm. I love alpacas and llamas, and we always spend a lot of time looking at them at the fair.

This year, there was this one llama that we nicknamed the Beauty Llama. It barely moved, just stood in its pen at whatever angle was most advantageous to showing off its silhouette. If the people looking at it moved, the llama would move only enough to angle its body so that everyone looking would get the full and glorious effect of its beauty. Vainest. Llama. Ever. So I drew it.

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