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So many updates!

I’ve been failing at updating this week, even though I have so many things to say.

Last weekend was Comic-Con. [info]andrewfarago came out to visit and so did [info]liret. Andrew was mostly here to interview Mort Walker, the creator of Beetle Bailey, and to present him with the Sparky Award, which is an awesome little (and heavy!) statue of Snoopy.

The Con itself was pretty uneventful, though I got to see a bunch of people I like to see! The most exciting part of the weekend was that I got to meet Caroll Spinney and got a book signed by him– with an illustration of Big Bird that he drew in it! Plus, I went to a panel that had him, plus David Newell, AKA Mr. McFeeley, and a whole bunch of other puppeteer-and-child-television types. It was one of the best con panels I’ve ever been to!

In the midst of all this, on Sunday, our Pink Comics went live and you can see them all on the site now!

Then, on Monday, Norm Feuti launched his Retail site, which I built and helped him design. Score! Retail is a really funny comic; you should check it out if you don’t know it; there is a full five-year archive up.

On TUESDAY, we launched kids’ activities on the Oh, Brother! site. I designed those, too! The woman who wrote them, Donna Erickson, is pretty awesome and a lot of fun to talk to.

That is all my crazy updates. Also, on Tuesday, I got the best smelling mail in the world, from [info]karnythia. She sent me my skirts that she organized a mass order for, and they are super pretty; I wore one of them already. Also in my box were vanilla beans and a jar of homemade sugar scrub! The sugar scrub is amazing; I used it twice already. Seriously, though, when I got the box, it smelled like sugar scrub, even before I opened it. So good.

I’ve also been reading a lot more than usual lately– I’ve been going through about a book a week, after, well, um, not reading more than a book or two a year for a very long time. I blame this change in my literacy on my newfound commuting time– reading is much more exciting than playing Frozen Bubble on my Android for the fifth time, even if Frozen Bubble is kind of addictive. I will admit to still pretty much exclusively reading YA fantasy.

On the downside, I feel like I’m coming down with a little cold, and I am hoping to stave it off. Lots of tea and honey? I hope so!

What is going on with all of you?


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