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Comic: Procrastinatin’
cap, captain miss america

This is based on every day of my life.

I was sick today and left work in the afternoon to come home and nap and drink fluids. So much juice! But I almost forgot to post my comic!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.


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aaaaand this reminds me to make my own update! D:

LOL--that's me grading papers! ;-)

Feel better soon!

Aw! Hey, I bet the students get more fun comments that way!!
Thanks. I'm drinking like crazy.

Feel better soon! And kudos to you for getting a comic out while sick.

On an utterly unrelated note, do you know of Maira Kalman's book?


She had a new one come out which brought her to my mind and though I don't really know you well at all, for some reason I thought you might like her book. She delights in minutae, paints and writes about them.

SO you are going to post a comic a day? Yay!!!!!

(feel better soon! I'm sorry you are sick:(

I'm trying to! I might not get one done every day but I'm making it a goal to try to draw something every day.

Aww, I'm glad you gave us this little one, at least! And hope you're feeling better. <3

Question, O Wise Bartending Master! I'm having my birthday party later this week and want to serve a few cocktail options instead of having everything run wild. I have your Thanksgiving cocktail recipes open and may do something of a cider-hot-toddy. But after your suggestion last year that I start exploring gin with a gin gimlet, I have really really taken to them. And I was going to serve them, but then I felt like gin and lime in late October is seriously dissonant. Any recommendations for something accessible, easy to make, and autumnal using gin?

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