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Comic: New Desk!

I got a new desk!

It came as a surprise– not a complete surprise, I ordered it and all– but yesterday, I got an email from the vendor saying someone would call me to arrange a drop-off time. Then, at about 7pm, someone rang my buzzer downstairs, saying it was UPS. I figured it was a package for someone else, and they just wanted to get inside, but no! They rang my doorbell. There was that brief moment where I was worried that maybe it was a serial killer who gets into apartments by saying they’re UPS, but it was not. It was actually UPS! With my desk!

The desk was in two boxes, and it was one of those things where it actually took longer to get the desk out of the boxes and all the packaging than it did to assemble the desk. But now it is assembled and in the corner of my apartment. And I actually DID manage to remember to use it, after I did this comic. Which is true.

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