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Statement of Intent
cap, captain miss america
I am not participating in therealljidol this year. I need to take the time to focus on my own stuff and the deadlines were just too much later on! Some of you know that I am working on a Secret Project which really needs my time and dedication right now. Plus, I enjoy having a social life.

However, I may be using the prompts anyway as inspiration for my own stuff. It remains to be seen! See? Hmm!

I would still encourage any friends who need a kick in the pants to write that it might be a good activity for you. I will still be looking forward to my friends' entries.

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Hi! I think I'm going to participate in Idol because I need the inspiration and I work better under pressure. I don't know if I'll have as much time as last season due to my involvement in the internet radio station that I broadcast on but we shall see. And Idol brings friends to my list such as you! Hugs! And yay for social life!

Yeah, I'm going to try to keep participating in GRs so I can meet peoples.

I would love to see you write for it!

I will really really miss your entries. As I constantly raved last time, you were my fave. :)

Aw! Thanks! I just...not enough time in day!

I hear ya. I'm a little leery, given the way my schedule has been jam packed, but I'm working a four day week and hope that will help.

If not, I'll just write some really shitty stuff and get voted out. :)

"There was a cat. It sed, Meow! Meow! Meow! Pancakes have no bones!"

I have an LJ friend, who shall remain nameless, who competed a couple of years ago and wrote similar entries non-ironically. He survived for a while on the strength of a giant friends list.

NO, it wasn't me. haha

You know what, I had no interest in participating in LJ Idol this year until you posted about it. However, I think I'm going to use a different journal for it because I don't want my regular LJ to become a dumping ground for my Idol posts. I'm only just dipping my toes into posting regularly again, and I don't want to mix work and play, as it were. :)

same post as I left with Destiny -- I was thinking about participating, but O_O LJ Idol And NaNo at the same time.

I like your stuff! Non-Idol, secret, or otherwise. As long as it is stuff.

I'm going to miss your comics/entries this season!

There will still be comics! They just won't be entries.

In the sense that I always purposely read your entries last so I'd have something to look forward to every week. :D

Would love to see how--and when--you decide to play along!


Secret project FTW.

(Deleted comment)
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