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Thanksgiving is coming!
cap, captain miss america
It's almost Thanksgiving time!

I wanted to check with all of you, while I'm doing my prep work this year, if any of you have questions or tips that you'd like me to write about. The only traditional foods I don't do are sweet potatoes and squash.

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I would like ideas on making a rich, moist-but-not-mushy, herby savory bread stuffing without the use of a turkey. How would you cook it? I'm thinking in a large pot on the stove, then baking it a bit, covered with aluminum foil. Does that make sense?

If you offer a recipe, I know I can make mods, but if you're inventing one, I'll request no nuts or dried fruits, but doesn't have to be vegetarian-safe.

I'll look at the stuffing I did last year, I think that would probably work well. Also, a good way to bake non-turkey stuffing if you like it to be crispy on top is in cupcake foils!

I'm writing up a tip post on making stock, and I'm linking to my stuffing how-to from last year. I don't usually cook stuffing inside the turkey so it should be exactly what you are looking for.

I'm always looking for good recommendations for our cheese plate!

I can do that! If you let me know if you have strong likes or dislikes, I'll try to take those into consideration.

Oooh, I am curious about this one too! Only request is that you identify blue cheeses as I am not a fan (but Gran is).

No strong dislikes here! I like to try a combination of old favorites and a couple of new ones each year. I'm a cheese lover, but still expanding my knowledge of good cheeses :)

PIE. I'm wanting to do something beyond the basics this year. :D

OK! My mom does most of the pies, but I know enough about how to do them that I can at least give pointers.

Do you have favorites? Fruit pies, nut pies? I do a really good coconut custard and a good German chocolate.

I was curious if you'd be interested in sharing a bit more about your organization for the meal-making process, such as how you manage stove/oven space.

I'm excited to see what you've got cookin' (har har) this year!

In one of your comics last year you mentioned a peas dish that included lemon and butter lettuce chiffonade? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS because it sounds delicious, and I usually dislike peas unless in soup or Chinese food forms.

Lemon + salad = VERY YES

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