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Getting to Know Them

I have a lot of friends participating in LJ Idol, as I did last year. Since I participated for a long time last year and got to know a lot of returning Idolers, and also have a lot of people on my friendslist who are either new to Idol or who were eliminated early, I thought it would be nice to say a few words about my friends whom you might not have gotten a chance to know well yet. Face it, not everyone gets to read all the entries this early on, and since I'm not using this journal to self-promote, I can use it to say some nice things about some nice people you should all get to know.

I included a number of people who were in Idol last year but who didn't get super far. I had to pick a cut-off so I picked Week 10, since that was the first Gatekeeper round last year. I included any of my pre-Idol friends who didn't make it past Week 10, although a couple of them were more active in the Green Room last year.

applespicy has a very positive outlook on life and some really interesting experiences as a teacher. She's got a good balance of both intellectual smarts and common sense, and a really perspicacious way of taking personal experiences and relating them in colorful and emotive detail.

katieupsidedown is one of the people I've known longest on this list, since I joined hogwarts_elite. She's warm, welcoming, inclusive and fun. She's has a very gregarious and upbeat attitude. She has a spirit of adventure and contagious enthusiasm, but she can also be deeply analytical.

astraevirgo is thoughtful, reflective, and tries to see things from a wide variety of perspectives, respecting other viewpoints even if they are not her own. She is interested in social issues and strives to make the world a better place, is an excellent listener but can also be quite silly.

butterbuns is genuinely kind and encouraging to her friends. She hasn't been as active on LJ as she used to, but she's playful and amiable and fun to talk to. She's a perceptive media consumer who always has interesting things to say about what she reads and watches.

gildedage is another one of the people I've known the longest, and I consider her one of my closest friends. She's always been wise beyond her years, and is great at handling serious situations, but also has an amazing sense of humor and is a riot to be around (and to read).

liret is one of my two best friends (the other being cacophonesque). She is compassionate and thoughtful and really cares about others. She's got a rather quirky, deadpan sense of humor and is one of the most voracious readers I know. She's got about a metric ton of patience, and even more empathy.

lilycobalt is sweet, sympathetic, and innately self-aware. She tends to be observant and attuned to the world around her-- not just her obvious surroundings, but emotions, too. She is also a very thoughtful reader and writer, who considers words on a lot of different levels.

mezzogiorno has a sophisticated and refined way about her, but doesn't keep her from being playful and fun. She loves language and that comes across really well in her writing; she's very precise when it comes to her word choice and often parts of her ordinary posts seem like poetry.

serpentpixie is emotive and effusively creative, with a fantastical imagination and an artistic sensibility. She not only formulates fascinating ideas, but has the wherewithal to follow through and actually create things from them. She is emotive, perceptive, and enthusiastic.

sileri has a keen sense for the absurd-- or maybe it's just that the absurd follows her around. She's got a sharp, dry wit and an eye for detail. She's logical, clever, and is never at a loss for originality. She's also one of the most adventurous and independent people I know.

All of them are people I genuinely enjoy reading in their regular journals, so if you don't already know them, I hope you'll get to know them!

I hope I didn't miss anybody! If I did, I'm sorry, let me know!
Tags: friends, lj idol, meta
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