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cap, captain miss america

I decided it's time to do a friending meme. Comment to this post with things about yourself so you can find people you would like to make friends with.

Here is a nice easy way: copy/paste the contents of the textarea into your comment

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Name/Handle Aleph/AlephZ
Age 28
Location A college town in Sweden
Interests and Hobbies Giant robots, superheroes, comic books, human-scaled robots, the interaction of fiction and reality, magic, SCIENCE!, nanobots, movies, music
What do I write about in my LJ? Bits of fiction, some of which are based on an ongoing universe in my head, rants about how my brain works that day, marginally coherent reviews of pop-cultural phenomena a few months after the thing in question happens and the occasional bit of youtube video spam.
Types of friends I am looking for! Interesting ones. I don't really get too specific beyond that.
Favorite food Spaghetti bolognese.
Anything else I'm generally crap about commenting but very good about reading. I hope to change the first part of that last sentence.

Name/Handle Saskia
Age 20
Location Ontario
Interests and Hobbies reading. I read a lot. tv, movies (I'll give almost anything a shot once), World of Warcrack, cute kitties, food, baking, cooking, Harry Potter, I'm back on a BtVS and an Anne of Green Gables kick right now.
What do I write about in my LJ? These days mostly RL drama with roommates, but I'm known to post a lot about media (tv, movies, books generally) and a fair amount of random, random things.
Types of friends I am looking for! Anyone!
Favorite food The unhealthy kind. Seriously, if it's not fruit or veg and you can fry it? That's awesome.
Anything else Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey, monkey, underpants.

Oh, and I don't comment nearly as much as I should, but I do read every entry on my flist. Hence the not commenting on every post, I would never get off LJ otherwise.

(Also, I am really bad at these, so take it with a grain of salt XD)

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Clicked the wrong reply button. D'oh!

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Name/Handle Tea
Age 32
Location NYC
Interests and Hobbies Roleplaying, Comics, movies, writing, reading, Fringe, Mad Men, Rubicon, Glee, Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter, cooking, bartending, drawing!
What do I write about in my LJ? I post a lot of food posts, comics, drawings, and musings about writing. Sometimes I write about political and social issues.
Types of friends I am looking for! I like to read people who write about the same things I write about! (see above).
Favorite food EVERYTHING
Anything else Not right now because I have to goooo!

Name/Handle Kat/rougebaiser
Age 27
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Interests and Hobbies Reading, writing, languages (French, Italian, Swedish, Japanese), cooking, music, history, comedy.
What do I write about in my LJ? Mainly personal things, but I am also currently taking part in LJ Idol, which can be about almost anything.
Types of friends I am looking for! Interesting people! I had been absent from LJ for quite some time and so I lost quite a few friends. It would be nice to get to know more people!
Favorite food Anything Italian or French. Chinese food in moderation.
Anything else Niente!

OH, and I love football (soccer) as well :D

Name/Handle Thali
Age 29
Location Ohio
Interests and Hobbies Tech, cooking, gaming, storytelling, assorted nerdy things, ice hockey, books & reading, grad school, music, and stuff I haven't thought of yet but probably will when I comment.
What do I write about in my LJ? Recently, it's been a lot of work related stuff. But I also write about books I'm reading, games I'm playing things that happened in my day that was interesting, and other technogeek stuff. Occasionally I like to post something I learned that was really interesting.
Types of friends I am looking for! Interesting people who write interesting things? That's about all I can think of. I'm not overly concerned with rate of friend comments, or number of pithy discussions, or whatever.
Favorite food AHAHA, what isn't? I am a foodie, so I like just about everything. I'm a Team Baked Goods denizen, too.
Anything else I'm trying to update my journal layout, comment here, make dinner, and prevent the dogs from chewing on the rug. So I tend to multitask a lot.

Name/Handle Mere
Age 23
Location Long Island NY
Interests and Hobbies politics, history, dogs, cats, role playing, writing, handing out with friends, road trips, traveling, the television (especially Mad Men, the Walking Dead, cable news, 30 Rock, Glee, Community, SNL, the soup, Doctor Who...)
What do I write about in my LJ? Fiction. Writing. Random stuff about my family.
Types of friends I am looking for! Anyone really.
Favorite food Burritos. Does not matter what is in them, just that it's wrapped in a tortilla.
Anything else Dunka doo balls!

Dunka doo balls!

Chicken tetrazini!

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Name/Handle John/Beldar
Age 45 (physically)
Location Indianapolis (or close to it)
Interests and Hobbies Sci-fi/fantasy fandom, writing, reading, music, photography, sports (but more watching than doing), cooking and general foodiness, and stuff like I'm doing right now =)
What do I write about in my LJ? Life, the universe, everything. Though I don't do it as often these days. Still, I like this format and freedom to write in more detail than I get in the Facebook update. And if nothing else, I'll wish my LJ friends happy birthday.
Types of friends I am looking for! I don't have a "type" though the more honest and less troll-ly you are, the better. I have people of various political leanings, religions, lifestyles, self-identities, partner preferences, etc. and from various countries in my f-lists. Don't expect me to always assume you are right, as I don't insist you always agree with me. And speaking English is a plus. I have no idea what those random Russians who friend me are saying.
Favorite food Too many to note. I love pizza and thai food and good burgers and a nicely-cooked wing of skate, but wouldn't want any one food every day. Far easier to list ones I *don't* like (such as broccoli or liver).
Anything else I'm always uncomfortable with self-disclosing, because I know that once the floodgates open, I'm pretty sure I've rambled on too much. (See above -- it's like I'm alergic to short answers) Still, you follow my LJ long enough, you get a pretty good idea of who I am and what I'm up to.
P.S. The icon is a picture of me. My default pic is a lemur.
P.P.S. I have a hat.

Name/Handle Hats!
Age 26
Location Puget Sound area, Washington State.
Interests and Hobbies Writing, RPing (Tabletop, LJ & AIM), sailing, geocaching, reading. Watching entire seasons of sci-fi shows through Netflix in a single bound.
What do I write about in my LJ? Daily minutia, mostly. A lot of dreams. A lot about sailing. I hope to sail around the world in the near future.
Types of friends I am looking for! People who like to ask questions, honestly. I love the dialogues that open up. (Especially when people ask about sailing.)
Favorite food Chicken and bacon pizza with white sauce, lately. Also yellow curry and breaded chicken.
Anything else I'm cool with anyone friending me, but if your journal's full of embedded youtube videos or fanfic, I'm less likely to friend you back. :(

Name/Handle I'm Jess!
Age 26.
Location New York City, right now. But I live in Connecticut. Until a few months ago, I lived in New Orleans.

Interests and Hobbies I read. A lot. I play computer games. I'm a grad student in Disaster Management and in training to be an EMT.

What do I write about in my LJ? My life, mostly.

Types of friends I am looking for! Mostly the people kind, but I am willing to make exceptions.

Favorite food Ice cream. Crepes. Or really good manicotti. But not all together.
Anything else

Edited at 2010-11-19 11:22 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
You're cool! Wanna be super-special awesome friends?

Name/Handle Sileri
Age 28
Location California
Interests and Hobbies chainmail (the metalcraft, not spam), volunteering with the U.S. Coast Guard, playing games, and my cat.
What do I write about in my LJ? Real life stuff mostly. There will be memes, quizzes, and the like but I don't do much by way of fandom.
Types of friends I am looking for! The kind with a pulse is a good starting point.
Favorite food I like a lot of things so it's hard to pick a favorite. Highlights from the four food groups I like carnitas, Havarti cheese, avocado, and doughnuts.
Anything else My cat's breath smells like cat's food

I would friend you twice, but I only have one pulse!

Name/Handle pixiebelle or Kristen
Age 28
Location Orange County, CA
Interests and Hobbies My pets, music, dancing, working out, that typical stuff...
What do I write about in my LJ? I write a lot of day to day stuff, my wonderful weekends with java_fiend, my family, my pets, whatever is on my mind.
Types of friends I am looking for! People who actually want to get to know me through actually talking to me. I like comments and I like leaving comments, and love when people respond. I like to get to know my friends.
Favorite food Peanut butter. I'm an addict.
Anything else Anyone is welcome to add me. Though I do write a lot of day to day stuff, so if that's not your thing, I might bore you. I try to be funny or entertaining, but not so sure how that works out...my sense of humor is rather odd. I have special filters, one is a "disordered eating" filter, the other is an adult themed one that shares NSFW stuff.

And I love to talk A LOT.

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Name/Handle Don Juan
Age 32
Location I don't even remember what was supposed to go here.
Interests and HobbiesClothes, shoes, toothpaste and butter
What do I write about in my LJ? pretty things that go bump in the dark
Types of friends I am looking for! I like to grill burgers and pumpkins. I also like carrots and peas. summer dreaming is nice too and I like anyone who loves jumping out of airplanes.
Favorite foods you'll know if I make sounds when I eat
Anything else Uh. Yea. Yes. Of Course. I am yellow and blue and there are horns growing from my head. My nose is long and I like animals. I also like sunsets and sounds that make me go la la la in a smile with spinning eyes that shoot specks of dust off into the sun that explode explode explode!</b>

Edited at 2010-11-20 03:19 am (UTC)

Name/Handle Izzy/Darkphaedra
Age 21
Location Tempe, AZ
Interests and Hobbies Lots of things, like writing and flash games and anime and drawing and romance novels and skateboarding and classical music... *wanders away, still listing things*
What do I write about in my LJ? Some everyday stuff, but also ideas that I have about things, I post when I publish fics on fanfiction and occasionally I post when I have a problem that I need to get off my chest or when I need advice from my f-list.
Types of friends I am looking for! People who post cool stuff. People like me. People not like me. I'm really not too picky because the wider variety of friends I have, the bigger pool of experiences I have to draw from.
Favorite food Right now? Chocolate anything with Cask and Cream.
Anything else Not really. I'm pretty cool! Hit me up!

Name/Handle horosha
Age 25
Location Arizona
Interests and Hobbies Computers, geeky television, film and film studies, liberal politics, history, philosophy, and, far too much lately, Minecraft.
What do I write about in my LJ? Mostly thoughts and feelings; ramblings about my (hopefully unique) interpretation of the universe, interspersed with online videos and political commentary.
Types of friends I am looking for! Tall, dark, handsome, or possibly elderly and wealthy. I'll accept "dorky and awesome" as a substitute though ;)
Favorite food Sushi.
Anything else I've loved your journal from the moment I first stumbled across it, and I love the way your writing both makes me smile and think about my own assumptions.