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cap, captain miss america
I just did a little friendscut-- plain old housekeeping; I just defriended a bunch of journals that haven't been updated in several months or more, where I don't recall seeing comments from those folks.

As usual, like 95% of what I post is public, so it's unlikely you'll be missing out on much-- the last time I posted something friends-only was over two months and fifty posts ago. So you'll still be able to read and comment on almost everything. Cutting journals that haven't been updated recently is purely for my own streamlining/organization/security purposes. If you want to stay on my flist-- are still around but not posting, just let me know!

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Haha, I was saying to Becca the other day that I ought to get back into the habit of actually posting. I'm not sure when that's going to happen, so you don't have to add me, but I will try to comment a little more - I really enjoy reading your LJ :)

Oh,hey! I will add you back! I would like to read your posts if you make more!

When I see posts like this from anybody, I have to go and check RIGHTTHISMINUTE to see if I got chopped. Because I'm weird. :p

This was only a cut for people I'm not sure are around anymore! Because I am weird about trying to keep my list streamlined!

Oh, no, I know! I'm not meaning to sound cranky about people posting flist cuts. I understand completely. I'm just the weirdo who has to go check even though I know it's completely crazy and obviously I didn't get cut.

You haven't removed me, but I just wanted to comment to say how much I love your cooking posts :) It's the second year around for me, I love seeing what you're doing differently this time :D

Ah, thank you! I'm posting a different method of cooking cranberries later tonight, that I didn't do last year.

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