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LJ Idol Newbie Spotlight: Tribe 1

I've decided that, as I have time, I'd like to do a little spotlight on some of the new players this season. This is by no means a "best of the best" thing, and it doesn't reflect my voting choices necessarily, but I feel like sometimes it's nice to get a little tip of the hat apart from the comments people leave on entries.

Since there's a lot of attention on the higher-numbered tribes right now, I thought I'd start at the beginning and focus on some of the folks in Tribe #1.

By my count, 11 of the 15 people in Tribe 1 are new this season-- or at least didn't play last season! If you're in Tribe #1 and I didn't get to you this time, I'll try to continue to do these as the game progresses and maybe will highlight you in the future! (And I may get around to talking about people who've played in the past, too)

anastoff's entry was one of my favorites in Tribe #1 this week. It's a personal narrative that i think many of us can relate to-- about questioning an activity that you have always loved and whether you are losing interest in it, and then finding something that re-ignites your love for it. anastoff has also done a good job over the past few weeks of experimenting with different types of writing and styles, with some short fiction, personal narrative, and even a poem. Her entries tend to be ones that explore the joys of life, which is refreshing and upbeat.

hoyland54 took a bye this week, but I've really enjoyed their entries so far. They have a special talent for picking out little details from their life and extrapolating on the meaning those things have brought to their life. A lot of their entries celebrate memories: memories of trips to the zoo with their dad, memories of books shared with their grandfather. They've done a great job of creating a thematically tight reflection of the space in which they live that is architected in a way where we can understand it, even if we aren't directly familiar with it.

lee_hawk needed a special mention. I am so impressed with her writing-- I know I couldn't write that well when I was nine. She has been writing fantasy fiction about dragons, and she has a very precocious ability when it comes to description! You can just tell that she is a kid who loves to read and write, and I hope she keeps it up as she gets older.

tough_doll is an entrant who I feel has really risen to the challenge as she's progressed in the contest. This week, she wrote an angry but heartfelt tirade about her problems getting the job of her dreams. Her previous posts have been insightful looks at her life where she does a good job of assigning responsibility to herself for problems she's caused even while she assesses the external challenges that she faces. I feel like her entries have only been improving and I look forward to seeing where she goes next.
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