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Proof I have the best boss in the universe.
cap, captain miss america

We exchanged holiday gifts today. Here’s mine:


The absinthe came with a new set of mandolin strings.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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That is indeed pretty darned cool.

We have exactly the same idea of what makes a good gift.

Holy cow. You DO have the best boss in the universe! Yikes.

I do! Or at least the one with the best taste in presents.

Do you play the mandolin?:) Merry Christmas early!

Brendan is going to make me learn. Merry Christmas early!

Ah, I knew there was someone I was saving that book of absinthe cocktail recipes for.

It's on my desk! Remind me on the 3rd and I'll bring it to lunch.

Sweet, thank you! I will mix you a drink!

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