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I should have posted this a while ago!

So, at ldragoon's recommendation, I'm taking a novel writing class through the UCLA Online Extension Program!

I have to pick ONE piece to work on for this class. Mainly, I am hoping it will kick my ass into gear.

I have three WIPs that I can work on and I would like advice as to which I should choose.

1) Lilah Lillis & the Hypnotist's Gaol.
Some of you have read some if not all of it. It straddles the line between fantasy and science fiction, for adults, about a prison where the inmates are hypnotized so that they believe they're living out their deepest fantasies and a time-traveling silent movie starlet. It's been complete (around 400 pages) for quite a while but I pooped out on revisions.

2) Charming.
This is YA fantasy, retelling of Cinderella focusing on the Prince and the Royal Storyteller, that plays with fairy tale tropes and mainstream misrepresentations of gender identity and sexual orientation. I have probably about 100 pages written but probably only 30 that I'm happy with.

3) Book 5.
This is YA a fantasy novel about internet fandom, that revolves around what happens when the author of a popular YA fantasy series is killed off by one of his own characters. It draws on a lot of actual fandom events for inspiration. I have about 90 pages of this written and I'm fairly happy with what I've got so far.

I keep wanting to put up a couple other projects that are not as far along (or that are 200 pages in but I just completely gutted) but I'm trying to be good and not do that.

The class will be workshopping approximately 50 pages over the course of ten weeks.

You can choose your answer based on logical responses ("It makes sense to use the class to do X") or based on which one of these descriptions you like best, or whatever. Either way, I will be delighted with your assistance!

Poll #1669832 What Should Tea Work on for Creative Writing Class?

Out of these options, which should Tea work on for her creative writing class?

Hypnotist's Gaol
Book Five

<3 <3
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