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Writing Class Update

People gave me tons of awesome and amazing feedback about my writing course! I talked to the teacher, and based on her suggestions, I'm actually going with the story that the fewest of you voted for :-P, largely for reasons that daydreamweaver also posted: because the thing I have the biggest problem with is revision, not writing, so using the course for that would be the best way to learn, and then doing it with other stories will get easier.

So the decision is to go with Hypnotist's Gaol.

While I was trying to decide what to work on, I found out just how many semi-finished novels I have lying around.

A few for your edification:

Coming-of-age fantasy about bluestockings fighting for the right to go to a magical university. Inspired by suffragettes!

This is a story about a high school jousting team in a modern-day world that is completely ordinary except that there are giant fantasy animals like unicorns and flying cats, and jousting takes the place of American football.

--The Traitor's Herbal
American Dustbowl fantasy complete with evil railroad magnates. Think "The Grapes of Wrath" but with angels instead of turtles.

Um, for those of you in Erins, Squall is where Andre originally came from. This is a story about an airship captain who takes on a swamp princess who is running from the law.

Two teenaged girls with the potential for a lucrative modeling contract are told they need to drop ten pounds. One becomes a vampire in order to lose weight.

Those are only the ones that I have, you know, more than 20 pages or so of. I have like a billionty other ideas that are just outlines or synopses or a couple pages.

My brain is so full of things! I just need to get better about finishing them.

Anyway thank you everyone who gave me feedback, that was awesome.
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