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More Belated Jam Comics
cap, captain miss america

Eek, I have been failing so bad at posting! I am busy busy with so many things lately. Rina and I did another jam comic session a while back, and we did these awesome comics. The rule for these ones was just that we started with titles and had to keep on the theme of the title!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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These are fantastic! You two do some really good collaborative work together!

It is really cool, the whole comicking with someone else thing! We started talking last time about how we're getting better and better at it.

*grins* I loved those! Although the "HAHA YOU LOSE!" is quite annoyingly familiar... xD

These are great! Fancy pants INDEED.

I really love the Twitter horse one especially:)

That giant lady with the cup of tea is hilarious.


Видео порно (http://megafreeporn.ru/)

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