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Beer and Chips: Victory ‘Hop’ Wallop and Tyrrell’s Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry P

I’ve decided that in order to get better about posting, which I have totally failed at lately, I am going to start making an effort to blog new foods and drinks I try.

Today, those two things are Victory ‘Hop’ Wallop and Tyrell’s Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry Potato Chips.


Let’s start with the beer. Victory is one of the big names in the Craft Beer Revolution and has an impressive stable of brews that, if you’re into American craft beer, you’ve probably at least tried their Hop Devil. “Hop” Wallop is named for a fictional coal miner-turned-prospector, Horace “Hop” Wallop, who appears on the label.

Victory "Hop" Wallop

The beer has a pleasant, yellow-golden color. I was actually a little surprised at how bright yellow it was out of the bottle when I started to pour. The flavor is excellent: incredibly bitter, with notes of chicory, and a nice, rich smoke to it, too. It definitely brings a lot of flavor, even ice cold. I would highly recommend it!

Second, we’ve got– and I feel the need to capitalize the title again, ROAST HAM AND CRANBERRY POTATO CHIPS. My mother and I saw these in the store and did a little double take before my mother told me that she tried to buy them last week and my father nixed them on account of being totally grossed out.

I’ve had some Tyrrell’s products before and have always found them to be excellent, but I’ve obviously never had (here it comes) ROAST HAM AND CRANBERRY POTATO CHIPS before. So we decided we just had to try them.

Tyrell's Roast Ham and Cranberry Potato Chips

My expectations were that they might be a bit sweet: this was not the case. They had a great, spicy-smoky flavor that actually went quite well with the beer, even thought that was unexpected. They aren’t sweet at all– this is more like the flavor of a spice rub that might have a little dried cranberry in it than cranberry sauce flavor. The main contribution of the cranberries is a nice tartness. And, as I’ve always found with Tyrrell’s chips, the chips are thick and crunchy, with some tooth to them, which means they hold up in the bag and aren’t reduced to flakes, and also that you feel like you’re eating something substantial when you nosh on them. I ate three chips, thought they were delicious, and was satisfied: I didn’t chow through the whole bag feeling like I was eating airy nothing.

My father, on the other hand, made the “icky” face when he ate them, saying they had “too many flavors working.”

So, yes, I would highly recommend both of these foods! Unless you are my father, in which case, you would like neither.

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