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e-book publishing?
cap, captain miss america
Hey, all--

A friend of a friend contacted me about e-book publishing, hoping that I knew how to do it.

While I know how to do it in theory, I've never actually had a reason to do it, and so I figured I would ask around and see if anyone is interested in some freelance work helping him create some e-books. He will pay for it-- you can work out a rate with him.

Let me know if anyone who actually has experience creating e-books is interested, and I'll pass on your info.

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I've got a buddy who just self-published her own book in print and ebook format; I'll send her a link to this to see if she's interested.

Does this friend want to use Lulu.com or get published through an establish publishing firm? I hate to say it, but unless your friend has a lot of marketing experience (as I assume you'll be helping with the editing) he would be best off to begin with an established firm. www.epicauthors.com can be a good resource. I may know some places as well, despite being sidelined at the moment.

I have no idea what he wants to do, and I'm not involved in this project at all-- he is looking for someone to take his work and turn it into an e-reader-friendly format, and that's all I know. I'd much rather set him up with someone who knows the business and let them give him advice.

Well, it isn't a hard process. I've the one book at Lulu, but the rest of my books are with publishers. If he's looking for formats, there are a lot - lit, pdf, html, mobipocket - plus the reserved types like nook and kindle. My book at lulu is pdf. If you can flow a document to pdf format, pretty much you're set.

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