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Major Suckage!

So, it is probably one of my worst-kept secrets (and only secrets, this is why I don't keep secrets) that I designed a Tarot deck to sell at MoCCA this year.

About a month ago, I started sending out requests for quotes. I have done printing jobs before, so I know how explicit to be in sending out queries, and what information is needed. One of them was significantly better than the others, but not enough better to set off any serious alarms, and came from a printer recommended by my uncle, who used to work in printing.

I spent two weeks going back and forth with these folks to work out the idiosyncrasies of my order until my files were exactly perfect, during which time, I spoke to many representatives at their company in explicit detail about my project.

I sent them the files, and the next day, one of their reps called me and said that she'd like to change the corner die cut we had been planning to use, since she thought another one looked nicer. I agreed. The next day, someone else called and said that she was still working on my proofs and wouldn't have them till later that evening. I said that was fine, and assured her it would be okay if I got the proofs the next day.

The next day, I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear anything for a week. So today, I gave them a call to find out why I hadn't received my proofs.

I was greeted with the message that "someone grossly underestimated the quote you were given."

Now, this wasn't something where I misled them or gave them the wrong kind of files. The guy on the phone who gave me the quote-- and a second person, who adjusted the quote for me when I asked to order a different quantity than I originally quoted-- BOTH gave me the same number. Which the rep says was the wrong quote for my project.

And we're not talking like a hundred bucks difference. They are claiming the price SHOULD have been triple what I was quoted. Seriously, who makes that kind of mistake?

And unlike, oh, EVERY COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH, they apologized politely and told me that I would be required to pay the new, "actual" price, when I've been misled for three weeks and have three weeks less time to find an alternative solution.

After being absolutely furious at them for a half an hour, they finally agreed to cut thirty percent off the price... which means it's now double the original price I was quoted.

I am not a happy person. I am looking for new quotes but I've exhausted a lot of options at this point and I'm really angry that I lost three weeks. Especially that no one bothered to contact me to tell me that there was a problem when they decided there was a problem-- what if I had waited another week?

I can't tell if these people are just utterly inept or if I was screwed into a deliberate bait-and-switch. Either way, I'm really pissed off and since I spent so much time working on these cards, I haven't really started anything else to sell at MoCCA yet.

Angry, angry angry.
Tags: rant
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