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Comic Jaaaaaam!
cap, captain miss america

So, on Thursday night, Rina and I did our comic jam thing.

We decided that we were going to do one jam where we could do whatever we please, as usual, and one where we WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DEVIATE FROM REALITY. That meant, like, no talking severed heads or things like that because that doesn’t happen in real life (they tell me).

Here they are for your perusal! Can you guess which is which?

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I cannot tell what is real, but I frequently have that reaction to Raymour and Flanigan.

Oh my god I love both of them! Especially the centipede. You're my life partner. LOL Awesome!

I can't tell them apart either but both of you cartoon really well! Love the gray wash. It really adds to it. Well done!

Thanks! Rina did the wash on this set!

I'm guessing the second one is deviating from reality, only because I've never seen a partnership between a man and a centipede named Larry that I'd consider happy.

Yeah, because centipedes are assholes.

Dude, even the date of #2 deviates from reality.

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